Drew Lock. Seven things I like.

On the subject of Drew Lock I've never had a "dog in the fight". Of the thousands upon thousands of posts on this subject in 2019, from pre-draft through the combine, draft, OTAs, mini camps , training camp and the season I believe I made maybe five or six comments. This was primarily because of ignorance. I knew nothing about the guy and felt like I hadn't anything worthwhile to add.

Now, one year removed from the beginning of this era, I've had a lot to watch, read and interpret, There is a body of work, still in its formative stages, from which valid opinions can be formed. Here are seven of mine, seven things I like about Drew Lock as a Denver Bronco.

7.a Not one single Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, Cam Newton, Nick Foles, Andy Dalton et al, article on MHR.

7b. Not one single Joe Burrows, Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovialoa, Jordan Love article on MHR

6, " Hey John, what's up, baby ?"

This was Lock's response upon getting the phone call from John Elway stating that the Denver Broncos had selected him. I compare that response to Paxton Lynch's who, upon receiving the same call, burst into tears. This isn't meant to throw shade at Paxton. We see this response from a number of draftees and its easy to understand. The hard work, the pre-draft circus, the anticipation of the whole event puts a lot of stress on these young men and the relief of having it draw to a close is for many an emotional tipping point.

With Lock it wasn't.

I believe many of the drafted players feel validated by being selected but not Drew Lock. He didn't need that phone call to prove anything about himself he didn't already know and that type of confidence, as well as the humor and enthusiasm, bodes well for the future. He does not appear to be one who is overwhelmed in the moment.. There's a fair amount of Brett Favre in this kid.

5. He has large buttocks...

and full thighs. Quarterbacks come in all shapes and sizes but without good legs its a crap shoot as to how effective a passer can be. This may be little more than a personal preference but the guy in KC is similarly built as is Russell Wilson ( in a shorter version). I like this in a QB.

This mass, this large trunk will enable Lock to stand up to the demands of the position. As was witnessed in the last five games of the season it also gives him the option of movement which means fewer sacks, more first down scrambles and pulling away from a grabby defensive lineman.

There are plenty of lean, thin QBs out there who've enjoyed success but I'll take a big butt every time.

4. The Detroit game

25/33 for 192, 1TD and no picks isn't something one writes home about but I really liked what I saw in Drew Lock that day. Even though the Broncos were down in the first half there was no Hero Ball from Lock. He stayed within himself, executed the game plan and was spot on with his reads and his throws. A real blue collar effort which confirmed for me that he could effectively execute a game plan, to be the one in charge.. There was never any sense of panic after his left guard and right tackle left the game. He was in complete control

That he beat a dinged up lesser team is of no consequence . What mattered was the way he did it. Efficient, smart, controlled...

3. Has never played the "disrespect" card

We've all seen the footage and know the story of the glowering Aaron Rodgers sitting in the green room waiting for his name to be called during the draft and the rhetoric which followed. We heard the same thing from Haskins last season .Drew Lock never once bit into that sour apple and I respect him immensely for it. Its such a tired old chestnut which has little value and even though reporters wanted the juicy "disrespected" snippet from Lock he refused to give it to them. The same thing applies to the 'I'm not here to mentor Drew Lock" quote from Flacco. Lock handed it beautifully.

My takeaway from all this is a young guy confident enough in himself, and his game, to have no need to reach for low hanging fruit. In other words, he has his head on straight and sees the bigger picture. As he progresses in his career that mindset will serve him well both on the field and off of it. I give this a lot of creedence. File this one under "Intangibles".

2. The throw to Tim Patrick

You know the one I'm talking about.

The Houston game was such an outlier that I wouldn't blame anyone for dismissing it but there were two big takeaways for me.

The first was that if Lock is given sufficient protection he can carve up a defense.

The second was his deep sideline pass to Patrick. The post game review here at MHR referred to that toss as "lucky" but there was no luck involved in the throw itself. The only luck was that the safety was one step too late. When Lock threw this same pass against the Raiders it almost got Courtland Sutton killed. You can (and should) question the judgement but not the throw.

The number of people on this planet who can make that throw, a forty yard shot with sufficient arc, accuracy and touch to hit an opening the size of a bathroom sink while falling away from a defender is exceedingly small. Rodgers, Stafford, Wilson, possibly Goff or Wentz. . That's about it. Maybe the guy from KC but I don't know that he has the touch to do it repeatedly. Lock can.

With that one play I joined the Drew Lock bandwagon. This kid has a rare ability throwing the ball. The TD to Fant was pretty special, too.

1. A new day begins

I wasn't around for the Cutler-Orton-Tebow wars here at MHR but I understand there were some legendary knock down drag out brawls. I was however, here for the Brock _Peyton wars where each week there would be hundreds if not thousands of comments about who should start. There were some hard lines drawn, some fiery back and forth rhetoric. It got to the point where I refused to read any articles on the subject or join the comment section.

Things didn't improve with the Trevor Siemian period. Again hard lines were drawn and emotional battles ensued. A number of valued, longtime members were banned, myself included. The arrival of Paxton Lynch increased the volume and the confusion. Brock 2.0 was no answer. Then Case Keenum came, and, just as quickly, left only to be followed by Joe Flacco..

It seemed like there was little fight left in this fanbase by the time JF was signed. One third liked the possibilities, one third hated the signing and one third were resigned to a wait and see stance, too tired to put up a fight. There were no shortages of back and forth disagreements but little of the emotion of some of the previous battles was present. It was as though this fan base had gotten punch drunk on the subject. Years and years of fighting seemed to have taken its toll. We had fully entered what a Bills GM once referred to as "QB purgatory". We were walking down the same path those Bills fans had trodden for two decades.

Then, Drew Lock happened.

There is a long way to go with the Mizzou kid but a new day has dawned in Broncos Country. The skies are blue, the warming sun on the shoulders a welcome respite from the cold winds of prior years. There are no limits.

A great responsibility now rests on Shurmur and Shula. They can ruin this kid by forcing him to become something he's not. It is my hope that they do what they can to enable him rather than trying to jam him into some squarely defined box. Let him have his three, four interception days and use them as teaching moments. Design and call plays which challenge him rather than make him become a system QB. Like Favre, there is an element of creativity with Drew which needs to be cultivated..

Phil Simms tells a story of a time when he took a chance on a questionable pass which got intercepted. He went to the sidelines fully expecting Parcells to read him the riot act. Parcells was surprisingly non-plussed. He told Simms " Show me a quarterback who doesn't throw interceptions and I'll show you a quarterback afraid to take a chance. I want my QB to take a chance." I hope Shurmur is cut from the same cloth.

We re in a bit of a honeymoon period with Lock. Were it not for Shelby's big right mitt and a 50 yard PI call with 8 seconds left Drew Lock's record might just as easily be 2-3 rather than 4-1 and it wouldn't change my opinion of him one iota. He would be the same guy either way.

My expectations for Drew in 2020 are few. I am less concerned in won/ loss numbers than I am in seeing incremental growth from him on a weekly basis. I won't flinch over a multi-pick game or a bone-headed decision which costs a game. I won't get pissy over "poor clock management" or ""staring down his receiver" or "poor footwork" or any other hot button bullet point. I expect to see these things. Elway went through this period as did Peyton. There are no shortcuts and the Russell Wilsons of this world are as rare as hen's teeth. .Growing a good QB, growing a good offense, takes time and experience. Patience can often pay huge dividends.

The future of this franchise for the next decade could be realized in 2020. If Drew is the real deal that future looks bright.

To quote Terrell Owens, "That's my quarterback."

It feels good to finally be able to say that too.

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