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Best characters in Broncos history

From Shannon Sharpe and Peyton Manning to Lyle Alzado and Tom Jackson, these guys brought entertainment to Broncos Country.

When it comes to sports, you don’t often think about characters.

After all, it’s real life with real people. When it comes to football, the only script comes from the plays called on offense and defense.

But when you think about it like entertainment, and that’s what sports are, a good character adds so much.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I listed some of the best characters in Denver Broncos history. I got the inspiration for the idea while watching NFL Network on Sunday and the list of the 100 greatest characters in NFL history.

At the top of the list is Shannon Sharpe. What made Sharpe so great was he always backed it up on the field and it was always fun. Think of when he called the President when the Broncos were killing the New England Patriots.

Another obvious choice is Tom Jackson. He was Sharpe before Sharpe for the Orange Crush Defense. His teammate might have been an even bigger character, and that was Lyle Alzado.

The other name I’ll throw out is Peyton Manning. He was and is the perfect character. Is serious and an ultra-competitive guy, but also knows how to joke, prank and rib like a pro.

It was a fun discussion that hopefully helps people laugh.

What do you think, Broncos Country, who are some of the best characters in the franchise’s history?