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“I think the Broncos are a team that is going to surprise everybody in 2020”

Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab loves what the Broncos have done this offseason.

It’s always nice to hear perspective from outside the Broncos Country bubble on how some of the national media view Denver’s chances this upcoming year; it’s even nicer when those media members have as positive an outlook on the Broncos as we the fans do.

Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright on Broncos Country Tonight to talk about Denver’s offseason so far.

Schwab said from he thinks Denver could be a playoff team this upcoming year, and even hinted at them having an outside shot to take the AFC West, if the Chiefs suffer from a Super Bowl hangover.

Now, he admitted that was a long shot, but the point still stands that Schwab sees Denver as a team that could be a darkhorse in the AFC. “I think the Broncos are a team that are going to surprise everybody in 2020.”

Schwab mentioned how even last year with all the QB issues, Denver still was a better team than their record and had some unlucky losses early on in the season that you would expect to even out.

Even taking off the Orange and Blue glasses, it’s not too hard to see how Denver has improved their roster, especially given that their young core on offense will have another offseason of development under their belt. The most crucial among these is obviously QB Drew Lock.

“Every piece is in place - as long as Drew Lock continues what he did last year, I think they’re in really really good shape,” said Schwab.

I think most of Broncos Country would agree with him.