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Making the case to go after - even trade up for - Henry Ruggs III

Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards debrief their time at the NFL Combine and debate how valuable a guy like Henry Ruggs could be for the Broncos.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With the midseason exit of Emmanuel Sanders last year, the Broncos clearly have a need for top-end wide receiver. And they have a need for speed.

Which makes the No. 15 pick in the draft a high probability that the Broncos go with one of the speedy wide receiver.

Although it’s considered a deep class at the position, three of the 2020 Draft’s top wideouts - Alabama’s Henry Ruggs III and Jerry Jeudy plus Oklahoma’s CeeDee Lamb - are poised to go in the top 15, perhaps in the top 10.

On Tuesday’s Broncos Country Tonight, Benjamin Allbright, who believes Ruggs is likely to go between 11-15 and could be a target for the Broncos, made the case for not only why Denver might take a receiver in the first round but also why it would be worth it to trade up.

Playing “a little revisionist history,” Allbright asked co-host Ryan Edwards if he could take Tyreek Hill now (minus the off-field concerns), would he?

Edwards, who had been wondering whether it’s worth it to go after Ruggs when there could easily be guys like Denzel Mims or Jonathan Peoples-Jones behind him, hesitated to answer.

And Allbright jumped in: “EVERYBODY WOULD DO THAT!”

Tyreek Hill dictates what you do on defense,” Allbright continued. “Even if he doesn’t catch a pass in the game, he makes everyone around him better because he dictates what defenses do.”

Edwards couldn’t get over the off-field concerns of Hill, but Allbright wouldn’t let up, calling Henry Ruggs a “Tyreek Hill without the off-field.”

For Allbright, having Ruggs automatically improves the offense in a big way - and not just at the wide receiver position.

“That’s giving Courtland Sutton one-on-ones on the other side. That’s giving Noah Fant one-on-ones on the other side. That’s pulling safeties out of the box and opening running lanes for Philip Lindsay, Royce Freeman and every other running back you draft,” he added.

The conversation began by trying to guess who might be available to the Broncos at No. 15. Allbright believes the Broncos are in a sweet spot because there are so many good players and one of them will fall to the Broncos.

He believes the four quarterbacks will go in the top 15. The three top wide receivers will too. Chase Young, Jeff Okudah, Isaiah Simmons, Derrick Brown - all gone.

“We haven’t even gotten to Javon Kinlaw. The tackles haven’t even gone yet. One of those players is going to be there. Just by virtue of the math,” Allbright said. “We’ve got 15 players everybody predicts go in the top 10, and I’ve got news for you, that math don’t add up. I’m telling you now, 15 is the sweet spot because somebody will fall into their lap.”

Allbright added that the Broncos don’t need to panic or start huffing into a brown paper bag.

“If someone trades up and takes Ruggs, nothing you can do about it at that point,” he said, adding that means that Javon Kinlaw is probably there at 15. Win-win.

The one possibility the Broncos may have to move up would be with the Browns, if the tackles are gone before their pick at 10.

“Based on what we know, if Tristan Wirfs or Mekhi Becton aren’t available there at 10 for the Browns, they’d be willing to move back, and they have a propensity to move back because Andrew Barry loves to accumulate picks,” Allbright said. “That would be the spot. So if you can ascertain the cost and willing to pay, that’s where you need to go to get Ruggs because I believe Ruggs will go somewhere between 11-15.”

I’m inclined to agree with Allbright on this one if there is indeed a chance to get Ruggs.

Nobody wants Tyreek Hill. But everybody wants a football player like Tyreek Hill. And if that’s Ruggs, that’s a huge weapon for Drew Lock and Pat Shurmur next season.

Broncos Country Tonight has been nominated for a Colorado Broadcaster Award for Excellence. You can catch it on KOA 94.1 FM/850 AM every weeknight at 7 p.m. mountain time.


If Broncos could trade up to 10 and get Henry Ruggs III, should they do it?

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