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Broncos benefit from the Jaguars cleaning house

The Jaguars are in the process of a rebuild, and the Broncos took advantage.

The buzz in Broncos Country is all about the trade for A.J. Bouye. On Broncos Country Tonight Mark Long of the Associated Press came on to talk about what Denver can expect from their new CB.

As Benjamin Allbright said, the Jaguars seem to be washing off the Tom Coughlin from their team. Long, who covers Jacksonville for the AP, called the situation in Duval County toxic. The list of players who wanted out of Jacksonville included Jalen Ramsey faking a back injury, Yannick Ngakoue refusing to consider coming back, and Telvin Smith retired before the 2019 season, “leaving $10 million on the table.”

So, understandably, Bouye is excited for a fresh start. He has been a solid contributor on defense, even though his numbers may have been down the last two seasons. Long says he is an excellent locker room presence, and will be a great addition for the Broncos.

The excitement around Denver continues. This will by no means be the final move John Elway and Vic Fangio make, but it’s a pretty good start to the 2020 offseason.