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Oh Bouye, what a start to the offseason!

This is shaping up to be an Elway-licious spring, and we are all for it!

Hmmm...I only really thought of the headline and now I am at a loss for words...

But seriously, I can’t imagine a better start for the real “offseason” for our Denver Broncos. Vic Fangio just got his CB, adding a talented player at a decent price while also proving to fans that the HC is being heard and respected by the front office.

Drew Lock had a nice chat at a Nugget’s game with his BFF Peyton Manning, and the Sherriff is rumored to possibly be interested in doing the color commentary for ESPN and Monday Night Football alongside....Al Michaels. Holy wow...

As other teams cough Patriots cough are floundering through drama - be it contrived or not - the Broncos are just quietly having one of the most optimistic months of March in my recent memory. Okay, it was always great when PFM was here but we are coming out of a dark tunnel and are now seeing the light so it is just that much extra sweet.

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