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Broncos should at least make an offer for Trent Williams

A third round pick would be more than worth it for a player of Trent Williams caliber. It hurts nothing for the Denver Broncos to put the offer on the table.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dianna Russini of ESPN broke the news on Thursday that the Washington Redskins had granted their start left tackle, Trent Williams, permission to seek a trade. He has been embroiled in a spat with the team over their handling of his medicals all season and by all accounts was wholly justified over those concerns.

A fresh start with a new team could be exactly what he needs at this point and his play at left tackle necessitates the Denver Broncos to at least put an offer on the table for his services. If you are worried about what kind of shape he might be in after sitting out the season, this video should put those concerns to rest.

Williams has one year left on his current deal, so this trade could be a very short-term move. Ideally, the offer the Broncos put on the table is in the neighborhood of a third round pick or less. Anything higher would not make much sense from a long-term approach. He would cost the Broncos $12.5 million in base salary and count $14.5 million against the cap. However, they could potentially lessen the impact of that with an extension.

At 31, he would certainly have a couple of peak years left in him and is a massive upgrade over the oft-penalized and inconsistent Garett Bolles - who the team is likely to move on from in the near future anyway.

Would you be okay with the Broncos letting one of their three third round picks go in order to potentially land a player like Trent Williams for the 2020 season? Andrew Mason put a poll out asking where Broncos fans thought his value would be and, so far, most feel a third round pick is a fair end point for a deal. For Denver, anyway...