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Who does Elway need to risk it all for in the first round of the NFL Draft?

Mile High Report weighs in.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU
Should the Broncos chase Isaiah Simmons?
Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

If you’ve been following my on Twitter or listened to last week’s Cover 2 Broncos, you’ll know I’m ardently opposed to giving up draft capital. I also know it’s probably an unrealistic hope. After all, with 10 rounds in the NFL draft, it’s been wildly speculated that the Broncos will aggressively move to chase after the apple of their eye.

This got me wondering who the writers at Mile High Report would most want John Elway to pursue if at all possible, so I decided to ask.

Who do you want the Broncos to risk it all for?

Scotty Payne: Isaiah Simmons. He can play linebacker, dimebacker, slot, safety, blitz.. he’s a chess piece for a defense and someone I’d love to see in a Vic Fangio defense.

It’s insane to imagine what Fangio could do with a talent like Isaiah Simmons.

Ian St. Clair: I’m with Scotty. Go all out for Simmons. You want to stop Travis Kelce from going off on the Broncos defense? Get Simmons. Just the thought of him in Fangio’s defense ... let’s just leave it at that. If there’s a second, and more likely, player, I’ll say Ruggs.

Ruggs isn’t just a fast receiver, he’s a talented route runner with underrated hands.

Adam Malnati: If you are going to risk it all in a draft it, or should be for the best player. Simmons is that player. He is going to be an immediate impact player for whatever team gets him. I wouldn’t fault Elway for doing something crazy to go get him.

Simmons’ upside in coverage is tremendous.

Jeff Essary: “Risk it all” sounds really scary, haha. I love that Denver has 5 picks in the top 100 and think that gives the team a great opportunity to get at least 3-4 starters given the amount of picks that high. If you’re giving away that capital, you better be dang sure that player pans out. So I’m hesitant to trade up.

Joe Mahoney: Trading up is dumb - even for a QB, but much more so for any other position. I sincerely hope we either stay put at 15 or trade down to stockpile more second and third round picks.

Who do you want Elway to risk it all for Broncos’ Country?