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Broncos have met with Georgia Southern CB Kindle Vildor

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Is Fangio mining for gems?

Reese’s Senior Bowl
Vildor is a small school prospect who could be be a worthwhile flier on Day 3.
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According to Steelers Depot’s Daniel Valente, the Broncos have met with Georgia Southern cornerback Kindle Vildor.

Vildor has been overlooked in what’s a really underrated cornerback class, but brings some intrigue. A 29 game starter for the Eagles, he finished his career with 33 passes defensed and nine interceptions, including a pick off Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence.

Vildor stands at 5’9, but does possess 32 1/4” arms and had a surprisingly good workout. He ran the 40 in 4.44 seconds, bench pressed 225 lbs 22 times and had really good jumps at the NFL Combine. I’ve said it before, but I’d take his agility scores with a rather large grain of salt as the schedule change for the Combine this year seems to have impacted the vast majority of prospect’s 3-Cone and Short Shuttle times.

What I’ve read about him hints that Kindle shows signs that he’s an instinctive player and willing to mix it up with bigger opponents. He had a bit of a missed tackle issue last year and may not have the recovery speed to ever be the kind of corner you want on say Tyreek Hill, but will mix it up at the catch point.

NFL Draft & Combine Profile - Kindle Vildor |

He’s a little slender and his speed is average, but Vildor possesses good athletic ability with the man cover talent to stay near his target. He does a nice job of challenging throws effectively when he’s in position thanks to his length and timing, but he’ll need to improve his route recognition and anticipation as a pro. He can be too passive and ineffective as a tackler, which will be a non-starter for certain NFL teams. Vildor has the ability to challenge for a CB4/CB5 spot for man-cover defenses.

All reports suggest Vildor had a better junior season than this last season, and just about everywhere you’ll look it appears he’s expected to be a late Day 3 or UDFA type of player. For that reason, I wonder if the Broncos meeting was essentially a recruiting trip. If that’s the case, I like it. Fangio has a long history of getting the most out of his CBs and there is an opportunity for a player like Vildor to come in and make his mark in time.