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John Elway the GM is nothing if not active come draft time

A glimpse at what strategies John Elway has taken as far as trades go during the NFL Draft and other NFL News

Denver Broncos... Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post via Getty Images

It is that time of year right before the NFL Draft where you basically are best off ignoring any and all news that breaks regarding teams and what they are going to do in the draft.

Nevertheless, it is a great time to look back and see what is there to read between the lines when you have a GM with a tenure as long as John Elway has had with the Broncos.

In the lead off news today, Aric DiLalla paints a compelling picture about Elway’s draft history as far as trades go.

We may not entirely know whether Elway is going to trade up or down in this year’s draft, but rest assured my takeaway from this excellent piece is that you could likely bet money and win that Elway will trade at some point in this year’s draft. And to take it further, he’s more likely than not to trade to a partner in the NFC West.

Broncos News

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The Broncos have used the 15th-overall pick on four occasions, which is tied with pick No. 20 for the most of any pick in the first round since the AFL and NFL merged their drafts.

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