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The Broncos have competition in the NFL Draft

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BCT discussed the needs of the Jets and the Browns. Sounds a lot like the Broncos needs.

The NFL Draft is approaching, and two teams that could impact what the Broncos do, pick back-to-back. The Cleveland Browns at 10, and the New York Jets at 11 have needs similar to Denver’s. Ryan and Ben were joined on Broncos Country Tonight by Nathan Zegura of and Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential to breakdown their draft hopes.

When asked about the Browns dream scenario, Zegura mentioned the need at left tackle. With four tackles projected to go high in the 2020 Draft, it seems pretty clear that Cleveland would be happy with any of them. Whether it be Andrew Thomas, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills, or Mekhi Becton, it seems like the Browns would be in the right spot to pick one of the four.

That takes at least one of the tackles off the board if that is what John Elway was hoping to do at 15. It also means that Denver might be looking for a partner to trade up with, hoping to snag their guy, and not miss out. According to Zegura, it could be an enticing move to trade back with a team like Denver and still have a shot at one of the top-tier tackles, or a second tier tackle like Austin Jackson, Ezra Cleveland or Josh Jones, and gaining some draft capital.

If Elway and Fangio are trying to lock in a top-tier wide receiver, that could be the best move. It also would put Denver in front of the Jets, who, according to Leberfeld have needs at both offensive line and wide receiver. Sound familiar?

With the CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, and Henry Ruggs III all projecting to be picked in the top half of the draft, Elway and Fangio might see a trade up as a necessary evil to land the player they want. The Jets have a young QB in Sam Darnold who needs protection, but also needs weapons. Again, sound familiar (If not, Drew Lock needs protection and weapons)?

The Jets might also be a trade partner for Denver. Ben mentioned the Falcons as being another team that might be willing to trade up. That would give the Jets more draft capital, and still be able to meet their needs in the draft.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Ian St. Clair has talked about the Broncos possibly trading up with one of those teams to ensure they are able to draft Ruggs. By the sound of it all, that scenario could be playing out come draft night. As I have said on the show in the past, when you want a guy, go get him. If it means sacrificing a little draft capital to do it, then go for it. If it means getting ahead of teams with similar holes to fill, get it done.