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1996 squad voted greatest Broncos team never to win a Super Bowl

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The title for the greatest Denver Broncos team never to win a Super Bowl goes to that 1996 team upset by the upstart Jacksonville Jaguars.

On MHR Live this week, the Something Something Broncos crew debated which Denver Broncos team was the greatest to never win a Super Bowl. The criteria we set there was that the team could not have played in a Super Bowl, so that really only left three seasons most fans look back on with a “what could have been” kind of feeling to it.

The final results of our poll this week came back with a slight nod to the 1996 squad over the 2012 squad.

In our show, I definitely advocated for the 2012 squad. I just feel like they if they had beaten the Baltimore Ravens that day they would have marched all the way to a Super Bowl title. While the 1996 loss was definitely heartbreaking, I feel like that team would have struggled to top the Green Bay Packers who were at their peak that year. In fact, they had been completely dismantled late that season by Brett Favre and the Packers in a 41-6 loss.

However, the masses have spoken and they think that 1996 was the best team the Broncos have ever fielded that didn’t make it to or win a Super Bowl. Hard to argue that point, since that same squad went on to win back-to-back Super Bowls after that season.