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Surprise Bouye trade could bring swagger to the Broncos

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The Broncos cornerback joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the trade, his new team, and how he can bring some of the swagger from the 2017 Jags to Denver.

When the trade for A.J. Bouye was announced, fans did a double take.

It was clear the Denver Broncos would add a cornerback in free agency but no one considered Bouye. He was under contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars so he wasn’t even thrown out as a viable option.

Now that Bouye is officially a member of the Broncos, the possibilities over what he brings and how Vic Fangio will use him have been top of mind. On Friday’s Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright talked with Denver’s newest cornerback.

Bouye shared his thoughts on his new team, how he can bring some of the swagger from the 2017 Jaguars to the Broncos, and how he’s staying sharp in the offseason.

“I love the fanbase,” he told the guys. “I’m definitely excited about the team. Just getting to know the guys, getting acclimated to the altitude — I’m definitely looking forward to the change.”

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