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Greatest Broncos games of the 2010s: Bears at Broncos, 12/11/2011

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In a painfully difficult game to watch from a Denver Broncos fan perspective, it then turned into an explosively exciting finish and a sixth-straight win.

Bears at Broncos Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

This game between the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos really didn’t deserve to make the cut, except it did. That’s the Tim Tebow chapter in Denver’s history in a nutshell. Just how painful was this game to watch for a fan? Well, it was 0-0 at halftime and 10-0 with 4:34 left in the game.

Tebow Time looked bleak as he led the offense down the field for the teams first score of the game with 2:08 left on the clock and no timeouts. Down 10-7, all Chicago had to do to ice the game was run the ball three straight times and punt. Denver would get the ball back with mere seconds left.

Watch NFL Gamepass: Bears at Broncos, 12/11/2011

Instead, Marion Barber inexplicably ran out of bounds on second down to stop the clock coming out of the two minute warning. The Bears got one play out of this series that ran more than 5 seconds off the clock and Denver would get the ball back with a minute left needing about 50 yards to get into Matt Prater’s range.

This win has less to do with Tebow than it does Barber and Prater, because Tebow could only get the offense close enough for a 59-yard field goal attempt to tie the game. Under normal circumstances a 59-yarder is difficult, but in this situation with the game on the line the pressure had to have been extreme.

Prater, with ice in his veins, nailed it.

Prater 59 yarder

A stunned Bears team went into overtime reeling. Despite that, they quickly had the Broncos defense reeling as they quickly streaked out to the Denver 41 on the edges of field goal range. Barber would take a handoff up the middle wand looked to be on the verge of icing the game, but Wesley Woodyard would knock the ball free with Elvis Dumervil recovering to set up a dramatic comeback.

Barber fumble

Tebow and the offense drove down the field to the Bears 33-yard line to setup a Prater game-winning 51-yard field goal attempt.

Prater, again with ice in his veins, nailed it.

Prater beats Bears

This was to be the final regular season win of Tebowmannia. A streak that lasted eight weeks, seven of them victories in mostly improbable fashion. But this win goes to Prater for nailing two incredible kicks under extreme pressure. I don’t think any other kicker in the league could do what he did in back-to-back attempts late in this game.