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Which Broncos free agents will have the most impact

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Alexis Perry joined BCT and discussed the Broncos free agents.

It’s a tough time in the sports world. Not a lot going on, and it makes it difficult to find new topics to discuss. On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan and Ben discussed a few things with Alexis Perry. Everything from how the sports world will look in the coming months, to the set up for her interviews with GM John Elway and head coach Vic Fangio, to the Netflix documentary “Tiger King” (I’m not sure insane is a strong enough word for what we have all seen on that show).

Eventually, some actual football conversation was had. An interesting topic that has been floated on the show is about the free agent signings. Which free agents will have the most impact, or were the best, by the Broncos.

The list is pretty long, and you can follow the MHR Free Agency Tracker here if you need a refresher. To make it easy, Perry was asked to give her top three impact players in free agency. She started her list strong with Jurell Casey, who is going to have a huge presence on the D-Line. She brought up his 51 sacks since 2011, which is unreal for an interior DL.

Graham Glasgow was number two on the list. His versatility and skill set make him and important asset to the success of the team, and the development of Drew Lock. Whether he plays RG or C, Glasgow will be an integral part of the offense. It also gives the Broncos a little bit of flexibility in the draft.

Finally, Perry went with Melvin Gordon. There are many people who have decided this was a terrible signing for Denver. The contract was too high, or Phillip Lindsay has shown he should be the starter, or whatever reason is certainly valid. However, pairing Lindsay and Gordon could give the Broncos the 1-2 punch they have been looking for since they drafted Royce Freeman, and Lindsay forced his way onto the team as an undrafted rookie.

With all the options to choose from, who are your top 3 impact players in free agency?