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If Denver stays put at #15, talent will be there

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Christopher Hart, Joe Rowles and I discuss our final draft takes leading up to this weekend’s main event.

John Elway said during his pre-draft press conference (Zoom call) yesterday the Broncos were preparing for every scenario for the first round - moving up, moving down, or staying put.

While a lot of the buzz recently has been about Denver possibly trading up in the first round, I think ultimately the best move for the Broncos is to stay put.

This is one of the topics we covered in our special draft episode of Cover 2 Broncos. Joe Rowles and I brought in a familiar face to Mile High Report, Christopher Hart, who used to write for the site for several years, to join us this week and give us his take on all things Broncos draft.

On the show, each of us shared our thoughts on what should be Denver’s draft strategy for the first two days of the draft. While there were different approaches, there was consensus on one thing, each of us preferred the Broncos to stay put at #15.

Here’s why.

Top 15 prospects

No one knows exactly what will happen on Thursday night, but there seems to be enough consensus around who is most likely to go in the top 15. Here are the most common names, in positional order, not ranked:

  1. Jeffrey Okudah, Corner
  2. Derrick Brown, Defensive line
  3. Javon Kinlaw, Defensive line
  4. Chase Young, Edge
  5. Isaiah Simmons, Linebacker/Safety
  6. Jedrick Wills, Offensive tackle
  7. Andrew Thomas, Offensive tackle
  8. Mekhi Becton, Offensive tackle
  9. Tristan Wirfs, Offensive tackle
  10. Joe Burrow, Quarterback
  11. Tua Tagovailoa, Quarterback
  12. Justin Herbert, Quarterback
  13. CeeDee Lamb, Wide receiver
  14. Henry Ruggs, Wide receiver
  15. Jerry Jeudy, Wide receiver

Now obviously someone else could sneak into the top 15, or a team could trade up for another quarterback, etc., but unless one of the three QBs listed above drop down for some reason, Denver will have a shot at one of these players listed above.

The hope is that the guy who falls down to 15 is one of the “big three” receivers, but I would be fine with any of the non-QB players listed above, and I think Denver would be as well.

To me, it certainly is better to get one of the above players, and keep the rest of your draft capital, as opposed to using it in a trade up.

Who knows, maybe one of the QBs falls out of the top 15 and Denver has to look elsewhere, but I would bet money on one of the 12 players listed above being available at #15.

Check out our full conversation here, or on the player above.

Also, come hang out with us on draft night. Joe Rowles and I will be hosting a Twitch live stream during the draft where we’ll breakdown the NFL Draft in real time and react to Denver’s pick. Would love for ya’ll to join us!


If one of the 12 players listed above is Denver’s first round selection, would you be happy with it?

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