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Broncos are among the teams that Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs has heard from constantly throughout the draft process

Not really a surprise.

Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs III told Pro Football Talk that he has heard constantly from three teams throughout this draft process. Those teams being the Broncos(obviously), the Raiders and the 49ers.

As we know, Ruggs has been a favorite of the Broncos since the beginning of the draft process. He’s a highly talented speedster who would add a much needed speed threat to the new-look Broncos offense. However, the Broncos face some steep competition for Ruggs services.

The Raiders who own the 12th pick and the 49ers who own the 13th overall pick have also been in consistent communication with Ruggs as well. The Raiders are in the receiver market and could have all three of the top receivers on the board when they’re on the board. They have been widely connected to all three receiver including Ruggs so they likely will take one there. The 49ers could go a number of different ways, but a deep threat like Ruggs would play well in Kyle Shannahan’s offense that loves to utilize the play-action deep ball. They could go defensive line or even trade back as well, so they could go Ruggs, but the odds of them going that route appear lower than the Raiders in my opinion.

I know we’re all dealing with some Ruggs fatigue, but when the prospect says he has heard consistently from the Broncos, it’s noteworthy. It also puts more fuel on the trading up rumors we have heard since last week. Trading up to 10th overall would likely give them a chance to draft any of the three receivers before the Jets, Raiders, and 49ers decide to select one.