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The Broncos have plenty of needs to fill in the draft

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Trevor Sikkema thinks the Broncos could go one of two routes in the first round — receiver or tackle.

The countdown to the 2020 NFL Draft is almost over. With the days flying by, Trevor Sikkema of the The Draft Network joined Ian St. Clair and me on the MHR Radio Podcast to breakdown the possibilities for the Denver Broncos.

It’s no secret that Denver has several needs, and this draft could be an opportunity to fill some of those holes. It was pretty clear from the start of the show that Trevor sees the biggest need for the Broncos as an offensive tackle. That’s a debate that has raged most of this offseason.

Now, Trevor never just came out and said the Broncos biggest need is at tackle, but his understanding of where the team is at seems to indicate that the offensive line is where the Broncos need real upgrading. However, the amount of talent in the top half of the first round could mean that Denver will have to make a move up to get a top tackle if that is what John Elway and Vic Fangio decide to do.

The other interesting point that really stood out was about the wide receiver position. The Big Three receivers in this draft class could either all be gone by 15, or all still be on the board. In a Pat Shurmur offense, the question becomes, how important is a No. 2 receiver? While Henry Ruggs III, Jerry Jeudy, and CeeDee Lamb would all be impact players, will they really warrant a top 15 pick in an offense that won’t utilize them?

It’s about return on investment. With the depth at the position, it might not be a bad idea to wait on wide receiver. The big point with wide receiver is getting a compliment to Courtland Sutton, and another weapon for Drew Lock to play with. Ruggs is the speed guy that many fans have fallen in love with.

If Denver goes a different direction, I asked Trevor if there was a guy who could have a similar impact on the offense. K.J. Hamler of Penn State is a speed receiver who might also be able to take the top off defenses, and create space underneath. It speaks to the depth of the position, but also to where the Broncos are in their bid to compete.

If you want to talk defense, a name that Trevor brought up a couple times at the 15th spot is Patrick Queen. In a Fangio defense, the LSU linebacker could be an excellent pick. Elway’s past drafts suggest he won’t target a linebacker that early in the draft, but if Denver stands pat and all the receivers and tackles are off the board, that would be a good pick to help strengthen an already tough defense.

Ultimately, Trevor sees the Broncos as at least one more draft away from becoming a real playoff threat. This draft might be a continuation of the solid drafts that Elway has put together the last two years. If that trend continues, Denver could be a year early to the playoff party.