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Report: If Jon Gruden gets his way, the Raiders will draft wide receiver, Henry Ruggs III

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If the Broncos want Ruggs, they may need to jump the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

According to Pro Football Network, if Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden gets his way, they will select Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs III with their 12th overall selection in the first-round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

As we all know, Ruggs seems to be the favortie or among the favorites of the Broncos. They have long been connected to him since the start of the draft process and he fills a big need that they have on offense. However, it appears that Jon Gruden, the Head Coach of their hated rival Raiders gets his way, the Broncos will go from wanting Ruggs to defending him twice a year.

Speaking of the Raiders, and harkening back to the days of Al Davis, a source well-connected to the organization told me yesterday, “If Gruden gets his way, the Raiders’ pick will be Henry Ruggs.” The Raiders need pass catchers and historically love to come out of the first round with speed – and they like Ruggs’ upside.

This COULD be why the Broncos have been rumored as a likely trade up candidate for a receiver. The 49ers who pick 13th overall also seem like a likely receiver candidate unless they go defense(I think Kinlaw makes a ton of sense here) and could leave the Broncos without or picking one of the remaining three. Personally, I’d be okay with any of the three(Ruggs, Jeudy, or Lamb) but there are plenty of other teams who could jump the Broncos at 15 and leave them without. So, they’re in a risky position of missing out on the player and position they want.

Seeing Ruggs go to the Raiders would suck too. If he becomes everything everyone believes he can become, then the Broncos have a tough player to defend twice a year.

So I ask you Broncos country, would you like to see the Broncos trade up for Ruggs to keep him away from the Raiders? Or stand pat and let the chips fall as they may?


Would you like the Broncos to trade up and keep Henry Ruggs away from the Raiders?

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