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Is it still WR for the Broncos in round 1?

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With the arrival of Draft Day, Benjamin Allbright and Ryan Edwards went through Ben’s official mock draft on BCT. The guys go through each pick, with explanation and analysis.

Throughout the course of draft build up Ben has been very high on Henry Ruggs III, but the winds have shifted a little. Will Denver still land on WR with the 15th pick?

If you have read any recent reports, the Broncos being locked in on Ruggs seems to be less likely. Obviously, a big part of that is teams who need receivers, like San Francisco, and the Raiders, who Ben has taking CeeDee Lamb and Ruggs, respectively.

That leaves Jerry Jeudy at 15. If Denver chooses to sit where they are, and Ben is right, Jeudy becomes the fallback plan. Not exactly a terrible position to be in, as all three receivers are viewed as potential studs in the NFL.

With Ben’s mock draft, there are no trades. It is a straight up and down assessment. There are a couple of interesting points on his board. First, Isaiah Simmons dropping to 8 and the Cardinals is fascinating to me. I’ve said before that I like Simmons as one of the best players in the draft. With reports that Elway is looking to trade up, if Simmons was still available at 8, I’d love to see Denver make a move to trade up and draft him.

The other name that popped up on his board that raised an eyebrow for me was Cesar Ruiz. With the 32nd pick, Ben sees the Chiefs drafting the Michigan center. If Denver is in the business of trading down, perhaps a move to get Ruiz and find a WR in the second round is in the works.

The speculation is almost over. In the end, yes, Denver seems locked in on drafting a new weapon for Drew Lock.