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Grading the Broncos selection of Jerry Jeudy in the first round

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With the 15th overall pick, the Denver Broncos selected Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Let’s grade the pick!

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Alabama Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos had plenty of rumors swirling around them trading up to get a wide receiver, but as the 2020 NFL Draft unfolded it became clear the draft board was falling exactly as they needed to get the player at the top of their board. Getting Jerry Jeudy with the 15th overall pick was quite the steal and Denver will have four more picks on Friday.

Here are the grades the Mile High Report staff gave the decision to sit tight and the actual pick of Jeudy in the first round.


JERRY F*CKING JEUDY B*TCHES!!!! CALLED IT IN MY MOCK. He’ll serve as a versatile weapon for Drew Lock in Pat Shurmur’s offense. Outside, inside, a deep threat, deadly in the open field, has the speed to house it, and reliable in the quick passing game. They got their guy without trading up too which is pretty sexy. - Scotty Payne


Elway stayed calm and let the draft come to him, and the Broncos will reap the benefits for a long time to come. Keeping the multiple top 100 picks it would have taken to get ahead of the Raiders for Ruggs means this team will be deeper and stronger and more competitive for the duration of Drew Lock’s rookie contract. Oh, and Drew Lock? He’s a happy man tonight. Adding a plug-and-play, dynamic weapon like Jeudy is an excellent way to make his job easier and maximize his opportunity to have an excellent 2nd season. - Taylor Kothe


Among all the rumors that Denver would trade up for one of the big 3 receivers, it was a dream come true for Denver to have their pick between Lamb and Jeudy at #15 without trading up. Jeudy fills an immediate need and is an instant impact next to Courtland Sutton. Look at what Pat Shurmur did with Diggs, Thielen, and Rudolph in 2017 with the Vikings. Now he has Sutton, Jeudy, and Fant to work with. Love this pick. Denver got their guy and still have 4 picks tomorrow. - Jeff Essary


I’m not sure anyone but our own Scotty Payne saw Jerry Jeudy falling far enough for Denver to pick him up, but it happened and I’m ecstatic. The Broncos offense has been absolutely woeful and has been in dire need of more firepower. Jeudy brings that firepower in spades. He’s speedy, shift, and is already a polished route runner. I think the Drew Lock to Jeudy connection is going to be one we’ll remember here in Broncos Country. - Sadaraine


As one of the top 3 wide receivers in this draft, Jerry Jeudy might be the best of them. As the draft unfolded John Elway was able to be patient and everything just fell into place. I’m sure the temptation to work a deal to move up was there. Instead Jeudy slipped a little, and Elway was able to take advantage. Now look at it from the perspective of what the offense needs. Courtland Sutton should get fewer double teams adding Jeudy. The run game will open up because teams will have to account for more weapons in the passing game. I’m not going to call it a perfect pick. They haven’t even played a real snap yet, but based on just how it played out, pretty close to perfection. - Adam Malnati

Homerun. A+.

Can’t wait to go back into Jeudy’s film. He was my WR1 for a reason and he’s a hand in glove fit for the Pat Shurmur offense. LOVE. IT. - Joe Rowles


The combo of Jeudy and Sutton has the potential to become scary good. Lock now has some serious weapons to move the ball and score touchdowns. I cannot wait to see this offense on the field. - Ian St. Clair

A+ and a “WOO HOO!”

Because that’s what Steve Atwater said Tuesday when asked how he’d feel if the Broncos got Jeudy. And I’m pretty much good with anybody Atwater likes. - Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann


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