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Jerry Jeudy adds even more excitement to the Broncos offense

The selection not only makes the offense better it gives fans reason to feel excited about that side of the ball again.

Think back to 2013.

That’s the last time the Denver Broncos had an offense you wanted to watch. That was the last time the Broncos had an offense that didn’t make you sick.

Since then Denver has struggled on that side of the ball, to say the least. The offense has had its moments, but those have been few and far between. You don’t need to look any farther than the gap between the Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs. Since the Week 2 win in Kansas City in 2015, Denver has not beaten the Chiefs and the gap between the two is about the size of the Grand Canyon. To close the gap, the Broncos need an offense that can move the ball and score points. That’s not to say Denver matches the Chiefs because that’s not conceivable ... at least not yet.

The Broncos’ selection of Jerry Jeudy in the first round of the NFL Draft closes the gap. The receiver from Alabama not only makes the offense better he brings even more excitement to a facet of the game that has been absent for so long. And there was plenty of reason to feel excited over Denver’s offense before Thursday’s pick. The Broncos have their quarterback in Drew Lock. They have Courtland Sutton. They have Noah Fant. They have Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay. Now you add Jeudy to the equation, and, oh my.

“I feel like I’m a wide receiver who can play inside, outside or wherever they put me at to get the ball,” Jeudy told Denver media on a Zoom conference call. “I don’t feel like I’m a better inside receiver than outside receiver. I’m a good receiver overall. I know how to get open and press off against whoever is guarding me. I just know how to get open. That’s it.”

As I told Adam Malnati on the MHR Radio Podcast, the receiver duo of Jeudy and Sutton could be scary good. Former NFL receiver Chad Johnson had a little more colorful language when talking about the Broncos receiver tandem. Scary good is a great way to describe what this offense could look like under Pat Shurmur.

The guy who loves this the most is Lock. Now that Denver has its quarterback, the goal this offseason was to add weapons to make him even better. John Elway did that, and in a major way. The pick of Jeudy serves the double reward of improving the offense and the quarterback.

I’m sorry, I’m still in disbelief that Jeudy was there for Elway and the Broncos to select, and they didn’t have to move up to get him. As Elway told the Denver media after the selection, Jeudy was available to Denver in only half the mocks the organization did in preparation for the draft. But as the saying goes, it’s better to be lucky than good.

As Elway told Jeudy on the life-changing phone call letting him know the Broncos were taking him: “We were hoping you’d make it to us and you did. We’re thrilled with it, glad you’re going to be a Bronco and look forward to you having a great career with us.”

When it comes to Denver’s offense the last seven years, the feeling you got watching it is the same as that first chug of spoiled milk. Both make you sick just thinking about it.

The selection of Jeudy adds even more excitement to the Broncos offense and should make fans even more excited about what this offense could like. Denver’s offense could be scary good.