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Von Miller - and Broncos Twitter - love the Jeudy pick for Denver

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Although the Raiders ended up with the fastest wide receiver in the draft, the Broncos got themselves one hell of a route runner.

LSU v Alabama Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

You may think the person most excited about the Broncos picking Jerry Jeudy, arguably the top receiver in the NFL Draft, would be second-year quarterback Drew Lock.

And you’d be mostly right because he was pretty stoked.

And Broncos’ wide receivers coach Zach Azzanni was obviously thrilled with the choice.

But hands-down, the guy most excited about the Broncos picking Jeudy was Denver’s own Von Miller.

Sheltering at home with a face mask and all, Miller was not going to let a little coronavirus keep him from showing a lot of enthusiasm.

A few other teammates took to Twitter to show their support too:

Olympic skier and avid Broncos fan Lindsey Vonn even got in on the excitement.

Even Elway was basking in the glow of getting the top wideout - the one Woody Paige told us last week that he wanted - without even having to trade up to do it.

Elway probably just got off the phone with Pat Shurmur, his new offensive coordinator, who has a bit of a history helping really good route runners.

No doubt part of the excitement on the offense is the potential oozing through this young and talented squad.

One thing you know for sure, when Hall-of-Famer Steve Atwater is giving virtual high fives, it’s a great pick.

Broncos Country in general was thrilled with the pick.

And if they weren’t before the draft, they likely are now that Jeudy’s “TikTok” with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has likely gone viral.