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9 winners and 5 losers from the 1st round of the NFL Draft

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The Denver Broncos definitely walked away winners after picking Jerry Jeudy in the first round.

The first round of the 2020 NFL Draft may have taken years to finish, but John Elway made it worth the wait. With the 15th pick the Denver Broncos selected Jerry Jeudy. He will pair with Courtland Sutton, and the offense will instantly be better in the coming season.

Obviously, Jeudy is a winner. After a stellar college career, he became a first round draft pick and made it to the NFL. A lifetime goal accomplished with an entire career ahead of him.


Drew Lock

If you don’t think Lock is excited about the Jerry Jeudy selection, you aren’t paying attention. He immediately posted a video message to Jeudy offering to go over the playbook, “tonight.” And here’s the thing, the addition of Jeudy to the receiving corp instantly makes the offense better. The amount of options on the field at one time is going to make life a little bit easier as Lock sets off on his first full year as the Broncos starting QB.

Courtland Sutton

I guess teams won’t be able to just double team Sutton all the time. Jeudy opens up opportunities just by being on the field with the Broncos No. 1 WR. Court(land) is in session with the honorable Judge Jeudy presiding!

The Broncos Defense

Offensively, the Broncos have been less than adequate for a long time. The burden has fallen on the defense to win games. It worked once, in 2015, but that feels like a lifetime ago. The Broncos have to score points to relieve some of the pressure on Von Miller et al. Jeudy gives the offense another weapon, and helps the defense relax just a little bit.

John Elway

As Ian and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, Elway didn’t do too much with the 15th pick, which is exactly what he should have done. It is clear that he has grown into the job of drafting. While the draft unfurled, Elway could have made a move to trade up, ensuring he got the WR he wanted. Instead, he assessed the needs of the teams ahead, and reacted with patience. Walking away from the draft with the best WR, and not giving up any draft capital to do it is a big win.

Pat Shurmur

Welcome to Denver Pat. The Broncos new offensive coordinator takes over an offense with a lot of young talent, and the talent pool just got a little more crowded. Not a terrible problem to have. Shurmur will be able to utilize Jeudy along with Sutton and Noah Fant, much like he did with Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen and Kyle Rudolph in Minnesota when he was the Vikings OC. That offense made Case Keenum look good.

Zach Azzanni

The Broncos WR coach just got a new toy to play with. If you want to look good as a position coach in the NFL, it probably helps to have a bunch of studs at the position you coach. Azzanni has to love the way his WR room is going to look during the 2020 season.

Mike Vrabel

This might be a strange winner here, but Vrabel’s house was... intriguing. He wins for creating the most interesting draft room of the night.

Broncos Country

After years of offensive ineptitude, Broncos Country may get to cheer a little bit more for the offense. Any move that helps Denver score is a move that makes all of us smile.


Opposing Defenses

Game planning for the Broncos offense could become a bit of a headache for defensive coordinators around the league. Yeah, it is early to declare the offense a force to be reckoned with, but it’s shaping up to be a “pick your poison” situation for opposing defenses. With so many options on the field, the Broncos offense could be scary for their opponents.

DaeSean Hamilton

Jeudy almost certainly slots into the WR2 spot on the roster. That pushes Hamilton back in the pecking order. His struggles have been well documented. Dropped passes in key situations, failing to make an impact, and not really providing enough to pull defenses away from Courtland Sutton meant the Broncos felt they had to draft a new No. 2. It could spell the end of Hamilton’s time in Denver.

Tackle Bros

I know. It won’t matter what weapons Lock has to choose from if he’s constantly running for his life. Sure, a stud tackle would have been a solid pick from Elway, but by the time the 15th pick rolled around, there just wasn’t a guy available that made sense. And Elway didn’t seem interested in trading up.

Teams That Passed on Isaiah Simmons

Maybe linebacker isn’t a position that teams draft very high, but Isaiah Simmons is a stud. He wasn’t going to get picked in the top 3, but falling all the way to 8? The Giants didn’t need help on defense? The Chargers didn’t think Simmons with Joey Bosa, Derwin James, and Melvin Ingram could terrify the league? Carolina doesn’t need a replacement for Luke Keuchly?

Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Love is the new Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers is the new old Brett Favre. The Packers haven’t provided Rodgers with a stud skill player in the first round in forever. I doubt he will be throwing a lot of passes to Love in 2020, or ever.

If I missed anyone, as I am sure I did, be sure to mention them in the comments.