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How often is the second wide receiver taken in the draft better than the first?

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The Broncos get the second WR taken in the draft. How often is he better than the first?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos selected Jerry Jeudy with the 15th overall pick. Jeudy was the second wide receiver taken in the draft behind his former teammate, Henry Ruggs III, who was taken with the 12th pick. This got me wondering how often the second WR taken ends up being better than the first. So I looked at WRs drafted this century.

Year WRs picked in rnd 1 1st WR taken 2nd WR taken better?
2020 6 Henry Ruggs III Jerry Jeudy ?
2019 2 Marquise Brown N'Keal Harry ?
2018 2 D.J. Moore Calvin Ridley ?
2017 3 Corey Davis Mike Williams Mike Williams
2016 4 Corey Coleman Will Fuller Will Fuller
2015 6 Amari Cooper Kevin White Amari Cooper
2014 5 Sammy Watkins Mike Evans Mike Evans
2013 3 Tavon Austin DeAndre Hopkins DeAndre Hopkins
2012 4 Justin Blackmon Michael Floyd Michael Floyd
2011 3 A.J. Green Julio Jones Julio Jones
2010 2 Demaryius Thomas Dez Bryant Demaryius Thomas
2009 6 Darrius Heyward-Bey Michael Crabtree Michael Crabtree
2008 0 Donnie Avery Jordy Nelson Jordy Nelson
2007 6 Calvin Johnson Ted Ginn Calvin Johnson
2006 1 Santonio Holmes Chad Jackson Santonio Holmes
2005 6 Braylon Edwards Troy Williamson Braylon Edwards
2004 7 Larry Fitzgerald Roy Williams Larry Fitzgerald
2003 3 Charles Rogers Andre Johnson Andre Johnson
2002 3 Donte' Stallworth Ashley Lelie Donte' Stallworth
2001 6 David Terrell Koren Robinson Koren Robinson
2000 5 Peter Warrick Plaxico Burress Plexiglass

I have not called 2019 or 2018 for either WR and I listed 2012 as a push. In 2012 the first WR taken was Justin Blackmon and the second was Michael Floyd. Both were busts, but Floyd was slightly less of a bust. Floyd finished his NFL career with 266 catches for 3959 yards and 25 TDs while Blackmon had only 93 catches for 1280 yards and 6 TDs. Blackmon was out of the league after three years. Floyd had a decent, albeit short, career that was shortened because of his substance abuse problems. So the Irish homer in me wants to give this to Floyd, I’ll let you be the judge here. If we call this race for Floyd, then it makes ten (or 11) times this century that the second WR taken has been better than the first.

Some might argue that Dez Bryant is/was better than Demaryius Thomas. Some would be wrong for arguing that.