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10 winners and 4 losers from day 2 of the NFL Draft

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The Broncos walked away big winners after the second day of the draft

Day two of the NFL Draft rounded out nicely for the Broncos. A speed receiver, depth at corner, a starting center, and depth on the defensive line. It might be too early to really judge this draft, but John Elway wrapped up the first two days quite nicely.

The biggest winners in all this are K.J. Hamler, Lloyd Cushenberry, Michael Ojemudia, and McTelvin Agim. They’ve all accomplished a lifelong goal of reaching the NFL. Here’s to long and successful careers.

Some of these other winners kinda feel like déjà vu all over again, but here we are.


John Elway

It was pretty clear from watching the draft unfold that Elway had a plan, and followed through with it. Each time the Broncos had a pick it was in immediately. No need to waste draft capital trading up when you know what you want to do with each pick. It was also obvious that Elway and Fangio had a pretty good understanding of what other teams were going to do, and made their picks accordingly. It seemed to work out alright.

Drew Lock

Add another weapon to Lock’s arsenal. K.J. Hamler gives the Broncos the speed receiver that rounds out the offense. And with Lloyd Cushenberry being added to the offensive line, Lock should be better protected moving forward.

Pat Shurmur

The Broncos are building an offense to compete with the Kansas City Chiefs of the world. Shurmur has been handed talented receivers to go along with his young QB. He was also given help on the offensive line. Lloyd Cushenberry immediately makes the line better. He will line up between Graham Glasgow and Dalton Risner. Not too shabby.

Mike Munchak

Kind of the same reason Shurmur is a winner. The interior O line is set. That should allow for Munchak to focus on the tackle position, helping Garett Bolles and Elijah Wilkinson improve.

Zach Azzanni

Another weapon in the WR room for Azzanni to work with must feel good. Seriously, this guy could end up looking like a WR guru when it’s all said and done. Coming into work is going to be fun.

Broncos Country

The fans are going to be treated to a much improved offense in 2020. As Ian and I joked about on the MHR Radio Podcast, it’s nice to be able to get excited about the Broncos offense again. It’s been a long time. Another reason the fans are winners here is the continued improvement of John Elway in the draft. The last few years have seen Elway improve in this area, and it can only translate to wins on the field.


DaeSean Hamilton

If the Jerry Jeudy pick didn’t send a message about Hamilton’s status with the Broncos, consider K.J. Hamler’s selection a bull horn announcement. Hamilton will have to fight for a spot on the Broncos roster, and at this point, he might just be trade bait for more draft picks moving forward.

Mike Vrabel

What happened to the amazing surroundings that Vrabel treated us all to during the first round of the draft? Day 2 was a disappointment.

Tackle Bros

It happened again on Day 2. The Broncos didn’t draft one of the top tackles available. They must like what they have in Bolles, Ja’wuan James, and Elijah Wilkinson. That might not make you happy, but that’s the way the football bounced.

Bill O’Brien

I don’t know what he was so mad about, but it made for great content. Anytime we can make fun of BOB we have to take advantage, right?

Did I miss anybody? Let us know in the comments who you think were the winners and losers after Day 2 of the draft.