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All the pressure is now on Pat Shurmur

John Elway has given him all the toys and tools to be successful. Time to put it all together.

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The Denver Broncos have been bad on offense for quite awhile. It’s been their albatross since Peyton Manning limped off into the sunset. Recently, however, it’s been clear that Denver has made a concerted effort to improve that side of the ball.

In 2018, the Broncos landed their star receiver Courtland Sutton and found undrafted star, Philip Lindsay. The next year, they overhauled the coaching staff, bringing in a new, young offensive coordinator to hopefully make use of not only those guys, but also the new players they brought in from the 2019 draft, Noah Fant and Drew Lock.

Not satisfied with the early results, the Broncos moved on and brought in another offensive coach to hopefully right their still sinking ship. Now, with the offseason so far, Elway has added even more weapons into the fold. Free agency yielded Melvin Gordon, and the recent draft has secured the polished Jerry Jeudy and speedster KJ Hamler.

In addition to all the new toys, Denver has also, under the radar, rebuilt their entire offensive line since last offseason, aside from left tackle. Last year they signed Ju’Wan Jame and drafted Dalton Risner, and this year they signed Graham Glasgow and drafted Lloyd Cushenberry.

Three years has seen sweeping changes across the entire offense, and an impressive infusion of youth that seem poised to take the league by storm.

I believe the pressure now shifts off John Elway, and lands squarely on Pat Shurmur’s shoulders. Shurmur was the guy who Denver scrapped their previous plan at offensive coordinator for, when he came available. Shurmur is the guy who brought in his guy Mike Shula to help bring along Drew Lock. Shurmur is the guy who gets to draw up ways to deploy Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Melvin Gordon, and Philip Lindsay to maximize their abilities.

And Shurmur is the one who’s going to shoulder the blame if this doesn’t work. He’s been given nearly everything he could ask for (left tackle aside). Now he has to put it all together and make it work.

You don’t win games in April and you don’t score points on paper.

It’s now Shurmur’s job to introduce something that Denver hasn’t seen since the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was released, a good offense.

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