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Grading the Broncos Day 2 selections

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The Denver Broncos made four picks on Day 2. Here’s how we grade out the picks now that Rounds 2 and 3 are in the books.

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The Denver Broncos have completely remade their offense over the last three drafts. The only player who figures to start in 2020 who was on the team prior to 2018 is Garett Bolles. This Broncos 2020 Draft Class will feature at least three new offensive players, with two clear instant starters.

During rounds two and three, the Broncos drafted wide receiver K.J. Hamler in the second round. While he may not be a starter, he’ll get plenty of snaps and figures to be a part of the game plan. In the third round, the Broncos went defense with two picks and picked up their starting center in Lloyd Cushenberry.

Here’s how we graded the Broncos Day 2 selections.


I loved the Hamler pick. He may have issues with drops, but the point of Hamler is to get him in space for some big plays. Having him on the field will also force the defense to make decisions on how to guard the Broncos premier offensive weapons in Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, and Jerry Jeudy.

In the third round, I learned from Joe Rowles and Jeff Essary on MHR Live just how good of a scheme fit both Michael Ojemudia and McTelvin Agim, but it was the Lloyd Cushenberry pick that solidified my solid B grade for Day 2. Getting a starting center there was perfect and while we’ll likely have concerns at tackle all year long the simple fact remains that you can’t rebuild Rome in a day. If the Broncos go into 2021 needing to address tackle and literally nothing else on offense, then they’ll figure something out. - Tim Lynch


The Broncos came into the night with 4 picks and every single one of them made a ton of sense. They got an absolute burner in KJ Hamler who is going to be a weapon on offense and possibly a nightmare returner for opponents to deal with. They got an athletic tall corner in Michael Ojemudia who is the kind of player you can grow into the starting outside corner across from A.J. Bouye. Then, the Broncos took a steal of a pick with Lloyd Cushenberry III who also fits a huge need for the team at center. Finally, McTelvin Agim may not have been a guy I knew anything about coming into today, but from looking at film, he’s a guy with freakish pass rush talent and already has a head start on using hand technique to get past offensive linemen. Elway is continuing his run of solid drafts. He’s restocking talent on the Broncos team and I can see 3 of these first 5 players being starters for us this year. - Sadaraine


Goes to show that it’s important to let the whole day play out before reacting. I had to eat a little crow midway through the 3rd round. I wasn’t a fan of the Hamler pick at #46 because I thought Denver should’ve gone with offensive line, specifically Cushenberry. Looking at it all in hindsight, though, if you would’ve told me Denver would come away from Day 2 with Cushenberry, Hamler, Ojemudia, and a developmental interior pass rusher in Agim, I would be very happy with the day, and I am.

Good maneuvering by Denver, as it’s clear now that if Denver wanted another WR, not much would’ve have been there at #77 so getting Hamler at #46 looks genius now. The big big win for me is getting Cushenberry at #83. That could easily wind up being the biggest steal of Denver’s draft. Ojemudia is a guy I liked at the Senior Bowl, and fits well in Fangio’s scheme. Agim was a late add to the Senior Bowl roster so I saw him a little bit while he was down there. I think he’s an interesting guy for Kollar to get his hands on.

All-in-all, Denver filled all their major needs and each of these players can likely contribute snaps this year. Well done. - Jeff Essary


I’ve given this a lot of thought while Jeff and I were doing the livestream. None of the picks were necessarily the top guy I had on the board, or the ESPN board, or the The Draft Network/PFF/PFN/ETC board, but at the end of the day the Broncos weighed the risk vs rewards vs scheme fit differently for themselves. It will be interesting to look back on in a year (or two, or three) and see who was right, but when I think about the process that went into each pick I really like what Elway pulled off.

Now they just need to find a real developmental tackle and this draft is a home run. - Joe Rowles


I freaking love the Cushenberry pick. And the fact Elway and Denver were able to get him at No. 83 is insane to me. Not only did the Broncos find their starting center, with their second third-round selection, it makes the Hamler pick in the second round even better — and I really liked that pick. Denver now has an interior offensive line that can protect Lock, open running lanes, is smart, mean and has the potential to be really good. Meanwhile, as Adam Malnati and I joked on the MHR Radio Podcast, the Broncos get Benjamin Allbright’s Orange and Blur, just a different iteration. I also really like the Ojemudia selection because of how valuable his speed could be to the defense in this division, and because I trust Fangio and Ed Donatell when it comes to mid-round cornerbacks. - Ian St. Clair


Watching this draft has been fun. The Broncos used 4 day 2 picks to get two potential starters in K.J. Hamler and Lloyd Cushenberry, and two guys that will have a chance to contribute on defense in Michael Ojemudia and McTelvin Agim. Cushenberry as a starting center helps to solidify the interior offensive line, and Hamler just gives Drew Lock more weapons to play with. What’s not to like about that. John Elway was able to assess the draft, and make good selections without panicking and trading up to grab players earlier than necessary. Hamler is the speed receiver that rounds out the offensive weapons. Elway might have had to reach to get him, but with every other pick it became apparent that a plan was in place. Either he knew what other teams needed, and what they would do, or Elway gambled and won, landing Cushenberry as late as he did. In the end, Day 2, coupled with the best receiver in the draft on Day 1, has been an incredible success in Broncos Country. - Adam Malnati

Give us your grades for the Day 2 picks Denver made last night.


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