Debunking all the KJ Hamler Noise in One Fan Post

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

The Broncos selected KJ Hamler at #46. I needed one post to respond to the same bad arguments that are all over the comment section. That's it. That's the fan post.

Claim: The Broncos made a reach by selecting KJ Hamler at #46.

A: No, he was expected to go in the 2nd Round. He was the #55 player on the Athletic's consensus big board, which aggregated 54 big boards from various outlets.

Claim: The Broncos ignored other needs by drafting KJ Hamler at #46.

A: No, you don't spend a 2nd round pick to address needs. You spend high draft picks to create strengths. The Broncos decided they wanted to build around Drew Lock and turn the passing game into a strength. Drafting for need is how you end up with guys like Bolles.

Claim: The Broncos could have drafted a top CB like Diggs, Fulton, or Johnson at #46.

A: No, the Broncos selected Michael Ojemudia, who appears to be a great scheme fit. We have no reason to believe that the Broncos were as high as the media on these other CBs, given the type of zone-heavy scheme Fangio wants to deploy.

Claim: Wah Wah Wah what about OT??? The Broncos could have selected a LT or RT at #46.

A: No, the Broncos were never planing on draft an OT in the second round. After the first round, there were no tackles available who could come in and win a starting job away from Bolles or James. The Broncos would have wasted a pick selecting an OT in the second or third rounds who would sit a full season behind Bolles and James.

Claim: KJ Hamler will be a bust, just like Carlos Henderson and Isaiah McKenzie.

A: No, past results do not guarantee future performance. Hamler is his own dude, and you can't fault him because the Broncos' previous attempts at bringing in a speedy wide receiver.

Claim: Wide receivers are nice and all, but Drew Lock is going to get killed with Bolles and James at OT.

A: No, Drew Lock didn't get killed in the last 5 games with Bolles at LT and Wilkinson at RT.

Claim: KJ Hamler is a bad receiver. He's too small and drops too many catches.

A: No, this is why KJ Hamler was rated as a second round pick. He has game changing speed, but is not a huge guy and had some issue with drops. If a WR had Hamler's speed and was 6'3 220 lbs, he would have gone in the top 5 picks. The Broncos will not run their passing offense through Hamler. Instead, he compliments the skill sets of Sutton and Jeudy. His top end speed is something that neither Sutton, Jeudy, or any of the other WRs on the roster have.

Claim: But . . . but . . . GARRET BOLLES?

A: Just stop. If you thought the Broncos were drafting a replacement for Bolles this year, you played yourself.


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