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Watch new Broncos sixth round pick Netane Muti hit 44 bench reps at the NFL Combine

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The Denver Broncos got an interior offensive lineman in the sixth round who is pretty damn strong.

The Denver Broncos took a flier in the sixth round on an oft-injured offensive guard who Pro Football Focus had rated as their top interior offensive lineman in this draft class. And for good reason. There is clearly a lot of potential there and Netane Muti is definitely a strong man. He benched 225 pounds 44 times at the NFL Combine, which was the most by any prospect since 2012. If he can find a way to stay healthy, this pick could turn into a steal for the Broncos.

Broncos offensive line coach, Mike Munchak, has a new center in Lloyd Cushenberry who figures to start Week 1 and can work on developing Muti into a potential starter down the road. Not a bad start. They just need some tackle depth...