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High marks for the Broncos 2020 draft class

The Denver Broncos attacked their draft board all three days and ended up with a lot of speed on offense for Drew Lock to work with.

With 10 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos went heavy on offensive speed. After snagging Alabama star wide receiver Jerry Jeudy in the first round, they added two more speedy wide receivers before their final pick - Penn State wide receiver KJ Hamler in the second round and Tyrle Cleveland in the seventh round.

In the third round, they also picked up a starting center in LSU’s Lloyd Cushenberry and in the fourth rough they found Drew Lock’s favorite college red zone target in tight end Albert Okwuegbunam.

John Elway wasn’t messing around.

While questions still linger over what to do with the offensive tackle situation, the rest of the Broncos offense is 100% dialed in. They will be fast and furious.

Broncos 2020 Draft Class

Round Pick Player Position School Info Highlights
Round Pick Player Position School Info Highlights
1 15 Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama Scouting Report Video
2 46 KJ Hamler WR Penn State Scouting Report Video
3 77 Michael Ojemudia CB Iowa Scouting Report Video
3 83 Lloyd Cushenberry C LSU Scouting Report Video
3 95 McTelvin Agim DL Arkansas Scouting Report Video
4 118 Albert Okwuegbunam TE Missouri Scouting Report Video
5 178 Justin Strnad LB Wake Forest Scouting Report Video
6 181 Netane Muti OG Fresno State Scouting Report Video
7 252 Tyrle Cleveland WR Florida Scouting Report Video
7 254 Derrek Tuszka EDGE North Dakota State Scouting Report Video

Broncos 2020 Draft Grades

Tim Lynch: B+

I like the class as whole. I feel like Elway now has three consecutive solid drafts and having remade the entire offense is nothing short of amazing. I get the concerns over taking a “luxury” pick in Hamler, but I think he’ll stress the defense the most out of all of the picks as his presence will allow other players get open.

In the third round, they got a couple of good defensive players and a starting center. The only pick that had me truly scratching my head was the selection of Albert O. in the fourth round. But hey, Julius Thomas was drafted in the fourth round too. Overall, the entire class has plenty of potential. I’m happy!

Joe Rowles: B

All told, it wasn’t what I would have done but that isn’t reason enough to knock the Broncos’ draft. Elway clearly approached things with an emphasis on giving Drew Lock every possible reason to succeed. I love that idea and in the modern NFL you can never really have too many good wide receivers.

What knocks the grade just a smidge for me is the fact that the Broncos clearly were making up for issues Elway’s created by constantly churning coaching staffs. Ojemudia looks like a great fit for the Fangio defense, but he’s a developmental scheme specific corner who is replacing an old scheme specific developmental starter in Isaac Yiadom.

Lastly, the fact that the Broncos did nothing at tackle for 2020 or even 2021+ leaves me to think Elway should pick up Garett Bolles’ fifth year option. If he doesn’t, it means Elijah Wilkinson, an expensive free agent, or a potential reach in a weaker tackle draft looms.

Adam Malnati: A

It’s clear that John Elway and Vic Fangio went into the draft with a plan they wanted to execute. They seemed to accomplish the goals they set out accomplish with this draft class, and so it’s hard to find any real fault in this. The more I think about their first two picks, the Broncos got the steal of the draft. All offseason we heard about how important it is to score points. How Henry Ruggs III would be a guy who could take the top off of defenses. With their first two picks they walked away with arguably the best receiver in the draft in Jerry Jeudy, and still got a burner that can stretch a defense vertically in K.J. Hamler. In their first 5 picks the Broncos drafted 3 starters in Jeudy, Hamler, and Lloyd Cushenberry. They also grabbed two solid contributors on defense in Michael Ojemudia and McTelvin Agim.

Not taking a tackle doesn’t bother me either. There was no need to reach for a tackle in the first round, as most of the best tackles were gone quickly. And drafting a tackle in the back end of the draft is not going to fill any need moving forward. Instead, Elway and Fangio filled out the roster nicely. As MHR reader Worthington stated in his fan post on Hamler, the Broncos drafted to create strengths, not plug holes. That’s a solid strategy, and I can’t really fault Elway and Fangio for executing their plan.

Scotty Payne: A

Jeudy is a stud. Hamler wasn’t needed but I’ll certainly take his explosiveness and big play ability. Then you add a great scheme fit at corner, a starting center, and a high upside interior rusher in the third? Sign me up. Then add Lock’s favorite target and a red zone weapon in Albert O., a potential steal at linebacker, a high upside interior player for Munchak to develop In the 6th when he could have gone day 2? The two seventh rounders were nice too. A size/speed at WR and a productive college pass rusher with their final pick. There’s usually a head-scratcher or two in an Elway draft but i came away impressed. Seems like a third draft in a row that Elway crushed.

I’m okay with no OT so no quarrels here and honestly wasn’t too surprised by it. A solid A for me.

Ian St. Clair: A++++

What puts this draft over the top for me is the selection of Cushenberry. I freaking love this pick. Paired with the selection of Dalton Risner in the 2019 draft, and the free agent signing of Graham Glasgow, then throw in Munchak, the interior of Denver’s line is now set. That makes all of the other picks gold. And when I look at the draft, I look at the impact a team gets from the top 100. What you get on Day Three is gravy. But the guys Elway and the Broncos got with their five top 100 picks is a helluva haul. In my mind Denver got three starters out of that bunch in Jeudy, Hamler and Cushenberry (even if Hamler doesn’t start, he’ll see a ton of action). Scotty highlighted why Ojemudia and Agim are great pickups. Helluva a draft for Elway and Denver. I cannot wait to watch Lock and this offense.


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