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2020 NFL Draft: How to properly pronounce the newest Broncos names

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Ojemudia? Okwuegbunam? Strnad?

The Broncos entered the 2020 draft looking to address areas of need and the general consensus seems to be that they did just that. I’m thrilled to see how the new blood will elevate play in Denver. The buzz around draftees and undrafted free agents is great, but already people are struggling to say many of their names correctly.

So rather than wing it or fall down a verbal staircase (hitting each vowel on the way down), it’s my honor to provide MHR’s readership with an official pronunciation guide to the fellas whose names I hope we say for years to come. Thankfully, I found this handy reference from that I’ve boiled down into the following list.

There are a few “gimmes” I’ll go ahead and skip. If you have trouble pronouncing KJ Hamler, Lloyd Cushenberry, Tyrie Cleveland, Kendall Hinton, Riley Neal, LeVante Bellamy, Hunter Watts, and/or Douglas Coleman III, tweet me @jezru and we’ll work through it together. It’s the other fellows we all might need help with.

WR, Jerry Jeudy - Jerry “Judy”
CB, Michael Ojemudia - Michael “oh-jay-MOO-dee-uh”
DL, McTelvin Agim - McTevin “UH-geem”
TE, Albert Okwuegbunam - “owe‐COO‐ay‐BOO‐nom”
LB, Justin Strnad - “stir-NAD”
G, Netane Muti - “Ne-tani | Moo-T”
EDGE, Derrek Tuszka - “TUSS-kuh”
WR, Zimari Manning - “Zuh-MARR-ee”
CB, Essang Bassey - “EE-sang | BASS-ee”

So the good news is that you now should be able to pronounce all the draftees and undrafted free agents’ names. However, the bad news is that you now know how the names are supposed to be pronounced and from now on when you hear television and radio announcers stagger through their best half-assed effort at pronouncing these names, you know they’re wrong... and it’ll eat at your soul. You’re welcome... and I’m sorry.


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