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This year’s draft was all about Drew Lock

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The Denver Broncos had one goal in mind with this draft class, build around Drew Lock.

The 2020 NFL Draft is in the books and man was this fun! Joe Rowles and I live streamed over on our Mile High Report Twitch channel for the first two days of the draft so we were excited to continue to the conversation and really put a bow on the whole draft process by talking with friend of MHR and fellow Bronco writer, Sayre Bedinger.

Sayre runs another Denver Broncos fan site, Predominantly Orange, that puts out some great content, and also runs a draft site He has been very in tune with this draft class over the last several months, so we were excited to have him on as our guest on this week’s episode of Cover 2 Broncos.

We covered a variety of draft topics, but the main theme we discussed was the overall direction and strategy Denver took in this draft, and how this was really the “Drew Lock draft.” The Broncos went into this year’s draft knowing they wanted to upgrade on the offensive side, and as Sayre put it, they went into the first two rounds and put the rest of the league on notice, that they’re not messing around and are serious about building an explosive offense around their young quarterback.

One of the things that is fun about watching the Broncos commit resources to putting Lock in the best situation to be successful, is watching Lock respond and really step into that leadership role on the team, which is something he has been doing since he first stepped onto the field, even before he had all these new weapons.

In addition, we talked about our thoughts specifically on the KJ Hamler pick and what he brings to Denver, how Sayre is super excited about what Michael Ojemudia brings, as well as grading the rest of the AFC West’s drafts.

Check out the full episode here, or on the player above.