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Nick Saban says they had to monitor Jerry Jeudy’s work ethic, because he worked too hard

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The Denver Broncos got a player who loves to work on his craft. Jerry Jeudy is already one of the best route runners to come out in years, but its his work ethic that sets him apart.

As Denver Broncos fans get to know their new 2020 NFL Draft class, one interview of Alabama head coach Nick Saban stands out above the rest when it comes to Jerry Jeudy. They had him pegged as a player they wanted at Alabama when Jeudy was a junior in high school.

Jeudy’s work ethic was a big factor. His drive to be the best had his own coaches concerned he would overwork himself. Clearly that wasn’t the case, since he was very productive in college.

“We actually had to try to monitor his work outside of the work we did so we wouldn’t have overuse problems with him, which is not normal in a lot of cases,” Saban said. “We would have practice, then he would go to the weight room and do things and, you know, we said, ‘Jerry, this isn’t the time of year you need to be sort of doing all that stuff’, but he was always a good practice player and had a good attitude. He’s smart, he’s instinctive playing the position. Great option route runner. His greatest strength is he can drop his weight and get in and out of a break and accelerate. He’s quick, but he’s fast and that’s a lethal combination.”

Another big positive from Saban was Jeudy’s ability to get open. His instincts and ability to stop and go on a dime will pay dividends at the NFL level early on. Saban noted how Jeudy would often cut his routes off short and leave opportunities on the field, but by the end of his career in Alabama he exercised the patience that led to far more opportunities in the passing game.

This pick might be the most exciting Broncos draft pick in years. The potential is all there. Can’t wait to see him on the field in a Broncos uniform!