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Excitement about the Broncos offense is back

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After a couple days of reflection, it still feels like the Broncos made the most of the 2020 NFL Draft

Every year, when the draft ends, the initial reaction is generally positive. While we are still inside the aura of good feelings about the Denver Broncos draft, it seems like that excitement could be a lasting feeling.

As Ian St. Clair and I discussed on the MHR Radio Podcast, John Elway and Vic Fangio entered the draft with a plan, and seemingly executed exactly the way they wanted. While some fans may feel the lack of a replacement for Garret Bolles was a mistake, it’s clear the plan was to add weapons for Drew Lock, and defensive players that would fit Fangio’s scheme.

The easiest takeaway from the draft might be that John Elway went after speed. Some might even say the Broncos drafted a track team, searching for that elusive 4x100 gold medal. That’s almost right, but misses the mark if you look at what Vic Fangio said about speed:

You can draft all the sprinters you want, but if they can’t play football, they are generally useless. Elway and Fangio wanted to get more than just track stars. They wanted to get fast football players. Obviously, K.J. Hamler headlines the speed guys, but Jerry Jeudy isn’t slow. Albert Okwuegbunam has speed at the tight end position.

Elway has given his QB all the toys he could want. As I told Ian, the last five games of the 2019 season showed us Lock can drive. Elway just tossed him the keys to a brand new sports car. In 2020 we will get to see just how fast Lock can drive.

It can’t be said enough, the Broncos came away with 3 potential starters in their first 5 picks, and 2 guys on defense that seem likely to contribute in some way. Along with Jeudy and Hamler, Lloyd Cushenberry should find his way into a starting job at center. Michael Ojemudia might be a bit of a project, but looks like he has the versatility to be successful under Fangio and DC Ed Donatell. McTelvin Agim will likely fit into the rotation on the defensive line.

If that isn’t the makings of a successful first 3 rounds, I don’t know what is. A day after celebrating the 9th anniversary of Von Miller being selected number 2 in the 2011 NFL draft, it looks like Elway is becoming a skilled GM in the draft. There were bumps along the way, but if the 2020 draft pans out the way they look like they should, Elway just might start to get some credit from his detractors.

Even the Tackle Bros might have to give him some credit.