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Maybe the Broncos shouldn’t pick up Bolles’ 5th year option

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Benjamin Allbright thinks the Broncos should sign Bolles to an extension instead.

During the third hour of Broncos Country Tonight Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright had an interesting discussion about the Garett Bolles contract situation. A surprisingly popular opinion has become the idea of picking up the 5th year option on the Broncos left tackle.

MHR’s Tim Lynch made the argument for picking up the option on Bolles’ contract. It’s well thought out, and makes sense. However, Allbright would go a slightly different direction with Bolles.

The Denver Broncos should sign Bolles to a contract extension. The idea of giving Bolles a contract extension might make your eye start to twitch, but Allbright reasoning makes sense. The fifth year option on Bolles is over $11 million. While it only becomes guaranteed if Bolles is injured, that is still a big chunk of money.

If the Broncos offered Bolles an extension they could dictate the price. Allbright mentioned a 3 year deal worth around $21 million. That’s $7 million per year. It could be front-loaded, allowing the Broncos to get out from under the contract without doing too much damage to the salary cap.

Whether you believe in Bolles, or are just hoping he goes away, the question about what John Elway is going to do with the former first round pick is burning a hole in Broncos Country. Both possibilities make sense. Whether they pick up his fifth year option, or sign him to a team friendly extension, Garett Bolles status with the Broncos will continue to be a hot topic for fans.

Best case scenario? Bolles figures it out, and we can all stop discussing this. Worst case? He doesn’t and Elway has to go find a new left tackle after the 2021 season.