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Penn State writer gives insight into both KJ Hamler and DaeSean Hamilton

The Athletic’s Audrey Snyder joined Broncos Country Tonight to discuss both Hamilton and newest member, Hamler.

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Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright have been continuing their post-draft coverage on Broncos Country Tonight by bringing both Denver’s draftees and also experts who know or covered Denver’s draftees.

Tonight, they interviewed Audrey Snyder, writer for the Athletic who covers Penn State football for the last ten years.

They asked Audrey both about Denver’s newest edition, KJ Hamler as well as DaeSean Hamilton.

Snyder spoke to Hamler’s athletic ability and how his speed stuck out immediately when he first joined Penn State as a high school recruit. She noted in her piece for the Athletic, that Hamler’s nickname when he came out of high school was the ‘Human Joystick’, which definitely fits when you watch him play.

One of the other interesting things she addressed was the prevalence of drops among the Penn State wide receiving corps over the last several years. That’s one of the big concerns with Hamler coming out as a prospect, and DaeSean Hamilton has struggled a bit with drops since joining the Broncos, dropping a wide open touchdown pass early in the season that seemed to put him in the doghouse most of the year.

She said no one can really point to any specifics as to why, and it’s been a topic of conversation at Penn State for awhile, as Hamilton dropped a big touchdown in a game against Pitt during his time in college. Snyder mentioned that it might be due to some turnover or lack of continuity in the coaching staff, but it definitely is a program-wide problem, not just isolated to Hamler.

Hopefully Broncos wide receiver coach Zach Azzanni can work with Hamler, as well as Hamilton this offseason to improve that.

Check out the full interview above, or right here. It’s really a good conversation.