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Chris Harris talks going from undrafted to the All-Decade Team

Former Broncos corner (still hurts to write) Chris Harris joined Broncos Country to talk about being named to the NFL’s All-Decade team

Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright has the opportunity to speak with Chris Harris Jr. last night about him being selected as a member of the NFL’s All-Decade Team.

“It means a lot just to get recognized for all the work I put in for the last decade. I put in a lot of work, and to get recognized for that it definitely means a lot,” Harris said on air.

When asked about joining Von Miller on the list, Harris said he knew that Von would be on there for sure so it wasn’t a surprise that he was unanimous, and he felt like given all he had done for the slot position over the years that he had a pretty good shot at it.

Harris really defined the slot corner position and brought it to a different level. When asked about this by Allbright, Harris said:

“I think in the past most the guys that were playing in the slot, they were playing more zone, it wasn’t as much man. What I really did was show that you can play man and be able to take a guy with a two-way go and take him all over the field, and I think that’s something that made me different than those guys before me.”

Harris and Von Miller were both selected to the NFL’s All Rookie team in 2011 so it’s fitting that they both are representing Denver on the All-Decade Team.

Although, Harris believes another Denver player should have made this list as well.

Check out the interview to see his thoughts on Talib being left off the list, as well as how he’s handling the offseason so far.