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Should the Broncos draft a tackle at 15?

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Alexis Perry joined BCT to discuss the plan on the offensive line.

The popular theory in Denver is that the Broncos need to add weapons to the offense in the draft. Drew Lock will benefit from as many options as possible.

However, there is an underlying concern that continues to be an irritant - what is the plan at offensive tackle?

Alexis Perry of Broncos Beat joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight and examined the needs on the offensive line, and what that could mean in the draft.

As these two draft theories continue to clash, Perry’s point becomes clear. The ball doesn’t get to Henry Ruggs if the offensive line can’t protect Lock. While Mike Munchak is working to make the offensive line better, Garett Bolles and Ja’Wuan James are not guarantees.

The plan in Denver is for Bolles and James to start, but Denver may need to take a tackle with the 15th pick as an insurance policy, or as a player to be developed by Munchak. However, a player picked in the first round should be a starter. So, taking a tackle to develop seems far-fetched.

However, Perry brings up a good point about the offensive line as a whole. Graham Glasgow can play either center or guard. Picking a tackle early, and then working all three (Bolles, James, draft pick) into the lineup with one moving to guard could fill that gap.

In the end, the plan seems to be adding that offensive weapon in round one. It looked like Bolles had turned a corner at the end of the 2019 season. Perhaps having Lock at QB helped his play. Maybe James will come back healthy enough to actually play games.

It seems like Elway is willing to bet another year on those two panning out, and drafting a guard or center in the second round. Whether it will work out will have a huge impact on the direction the Broncos go in 2020.