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Netane Muti’s head coach said Denver is getting a ‘very very good player’

The Fresno State head coach joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about the new Broncos guard.

Jeff Tedford, head coach at Fresno State for the last three years (he stepped down after the 2019 season due to health reasons), joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright about Denver’s 6th round pick, Netane Muti.

Coach Tedford had nothing but good things to say about the offensive lineman who Broncos Country hopes turns out to be a steal down the road, as he dropped in the draft due to his injury history.

“He had some unfortunate luck (with injuries), but he is a really hard worker, tremendous team guy. I was really disappointed for him because I know how much work he put into it and for him to lose two seasons like that was really heartbreaking,” Tedford said. “He was just a team guy, really dedicated to what he was doing, very very good player, very athletic, we played him at guard, we played him at tackle and he was a leader for our team in the offseason, was just all-in.”

His coach not only complimented his on the field abilities, but it was fun to hear multiple references to Muti’s off the field presence and how hard of a worker he is and what kind of teammate he is. In 2019 he was voted team captain for the Bulldogs and was the only junior who was awarded that honor.

Two other things I found interesting that I think address some of Broncos fans’ questions about Muti are first, Coach Tedford said he does not think Muti would be a tackle in the NFL, mainly due to length.

Given that Muti played some tackle in college, Benjamin Allbright asked if there was any chance he could potentially get a shot at OT in the pros, but Tedford, while acknowledging that Muti would work his hardest at it if he was put there, is probably best suited to succeed at guard.

Second, the injury history is certainly a concern, but the head coach said he saw it as more of just bad luck, as opposed to any lingering injury concerns. Muti suffered a Lis franc injury on his foot in 2019 after he finally healed from an Achilles rupture ended his 2018 season.

However, currently, it seems that Muti is healed up and ready to go, according to his interview with the Denver Post after the draft.

Check out the full interview with Coach Tedford above.