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Let’s play “what if” with the Denver Broncos

Welcome to MHR Live. Join Laurie, Jess, and myself on Twitch to discuss a series of “what ifs” related to the Denver Broncos.

SB Nation is running a series of NFL “what ifs” this week and we wanted to get the Denver Broncos in on this action. Please join Laurie Lattimore-Volkmann, Jess Place, and myself on Twitch and ask your “what if” questions and discuss with us live.

Login and discuss with us live on

We’ve each picked two “what if” questions each for ourselves and will talk about these during our MHR Live show.

Jess: What if Brian Griese never threw that pick that injured Terrell Davis? - What if the Broncos didn’t end up traded away the pick that became Joe Namath?

Laurie: What if the Broncos beat the Cowboys in Super Bowl 12? - What if Gary Kubiak never put Peyton Manning in to take over in Week 17 in 2015?

Tim: What if the Broncos never came to a trade agreement with the Colts for John Elway? - What if the Broncos skipped drafting a quarterback in 2016?

Throw yours in the Twitch chat (we won’t see any comments on this post live) and let’s talk about them.