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The Broncos are set up for the future - with or without Lock

Kurt Warner told BCT that Denver is ready for future success, even if Lock isn’t the guy.

The perception of the Denver Broncos offseason moves has been that they are building around Drew Lock. On Broncos Country Tonight, Ryan and Ben were joined by Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner of the NFL Network. While he agrees that Denver is putting together a team to benefit Lock, it doesn’t have to mean they are all in on their young QB.

Warner brought up an interesting point that the excitement around Drew Lock has drowned out. If he should falter, the Broncos are potentially set up for success with any QB.

Let’s be clear, Lock has earned the opportunity to prove himself. John Elway set about during the offseason finding him the weapons to bolster the offense around him. He will get every chance to continue his growth as the Broncos starter.

What most fans have seen from Lock, exuberance, tenacity, commitment, confidence, all traits missing at the QB position in Denver for far too long, give many of us hope. Hope that he can be the guy to turn things around. Hope that Lock will lead Denver back to prominence. He definitely has the stable to do it.

Warner isn’t wrong about that stable. Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, Phillip Lindsay, Melvin Gordon, just a few names that can be impact players for the offense. If Lock does stumble, it doesn’t mean an end to the potential.

The importance of a good QB is obvious. If it turns out that Lock is the guy, Broncos Country will be all the better for it. If not, Denver will be well stocked for whoever does end up taking the reins.