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The Broncos should sign Jason Peters

But they probably won’t.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins
If Denver is serious about a playoff berth, Peters makes all the sense in the world.
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Ever since John Elway and the Broncos passed on adding a left tackle prospect through the NFL Draft, I’ve been asked about Jason Peters. On Tuesday NFL Network’s James Palmer mentioned that the Broncos have shown interest in the 38-year-old.

It’s no secret that the left tackle position looks like Denver’s biggest weakness on offense and perhaps the entire team, and with talent remaining on the market and cash to burn, why not?

Bolles and Wilkinson aren’t good.

I spent the last two weeks studying who Elway has said are the candidates for left tackle. While his defenders continue to stick to the PFF grade, the truth is Garett Bolles continues to struggle mightily in his vertical passing sets. Drew Lock, bad defenses, and an emphasis on the quick passing game helped to hide him down the final stretch of 2019, but the issues look like ones that will crop up again in 2020.

Elijah Wilkinson is better served as a utility lineman who could feasibly start at guard. His issues at right tackle last year aren’t going to disappear because he switched to the blind side. While better hand usage could help to mitigate some of his problems in space, his lack of foot speed and athleticism aren’t the kind of deficiencies that go away. It’s who he is.

The Broncos have cap space and competition to appeal to Peters

According to Over the Cap, Denver currently has a little over $17 million in cap room. That’s a number that could go up if and when Justin Simmons agrees to a long term extension, Jeff Heuerman is moved, and a surprise cut or two happens after training camp.

If Jason Peters is looking for a clear shot at a starting job, the Broncos make the most sense of any of the teams rumored to be interested. The Cleveland Browns drafted Jedrick Wills in the top 10 of the last draft and signed Jack Conklin this offseason. The Philadelphia Eagles have last year’s first-round pick Andre Dillard as well as Lane Johnson on the right side. The Jets just drafted Mekhi Becton, and while their tackle situation is even more dire than Denver’s, they also have less cap space.

With the Broncos, Peters would step in day one as a clear starter. Elway and the coaching staff thought so little of Garett Bolles they did not pick up his fifth-year option, after all. Unless another team emerges or Peters wants to take more money to be a backup, Denver a ton of sense.

Why it won’t happen

Shortly after the NFL Network report emerged on Tuesday, KOA’s Benjamin Allbright poured cold water on the hope of many in Broncos’ Country.

Barring significant decline over this strange offseason Peters is a significantly better player than Kelvin Beachum, but it makes sense that Elway would scoff at the idea. For what Peterson could be asking for, it’s worth remembering that he’s missed 12 regular season games due to injury over the last three seasons and is reaching an age at which few can maintain a high level of play.

While I believe Peters is a good enough player to justify that level of risk, Elway may think differently. In years past he shown a preference for keeping $9 to $10 million in free cap space to make moves once injuries strike. Bringing in a former Munchak protege in Beachum could be a way to save money and also creates a situation where Bolles could still yet emerge to justify Elway’s decision to draft him over Ryan Ramczyk in 2017.

Or maybe the coaching staff knows a dark horse could emerge?

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