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Alexander Johnson jumped in a frozen lake, saved some rock climbers’ bag, and saved his dog too?

You gotta hear (and see) it to believe it. Alexander Johnson tells a crazy story from this offseason.

So the Denver Broncos released a really funny schedule announcement video that you can check out below. For the 4th week, you’ll notice there is a video clip of Alexander Johnson in a frozen lake.

Well apparently just being in the lake isn’t hardcore enough for Broncos linebacker, Alexander Johnson. While on Broncos Country Tonight with Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright, Johnson took a deep dive (pun definitely intended) into the back story behind that clip.

Apparently Johnson was up in the mountains during the offseason and was planning to jump in the frozen lake at some point “as part of recovery”. However, as he tells it, while he’s hanging out near the lake he sees some rock climbers crossing the frozen lake, one of them falls in and while they were ok, they lost their backpack/bag out in the lake.

So being the guy that he is, Johnson said he could help out, and went out to go get the bag for them, because he “was planning to get in the lake anyway”. While doing that, he also had to save his dog who followed him out there.

You gotta listen to his story in the clip above, or right here. It is absolutely incredible. Johnson is a riveting storyteller and it just keeps getting better and crazier as he tells it.

Oh ya, they also talked a little football, too. Johnson said his personal goal this upcoming season is to lead the league in turnovers. He got a pretty good start last season picking off Phillip Rivers in his first ever entrance into the starting lineup, and also forced two fumbles.

I’m excited to see what Johnson does with another full offseason in Vic Fangio’s defense and returning next to his running mate at inside linebacker, Todd Davis. Alexander Johnson mentioned how key that continuity with Davis will be for his second year.

Let’s unleash ‘the raptor’.