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Remembering Peyton Manning’s switch

Amidst all of the hoopla about Tom Brady going to the Bucs, we can’t help but remember Peyton Manning’s change and what it meant.

Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Looking through the news today, the leading article stood out. I’m not one for podcasts personally, but I couldn’t help but give SI’s story a listen...and I wasn’t disappointed even a little bit.

The news right now is just stuffed with TB this or Brady Bucs that. I can’t help but constantly think of that magical season when Manning joined the Broncos and kinda smirk.

If you have the time, give their podcast a listen. You’ll get some really interesting notes from SI including an interesting sidenote: had the Broncos not landed Manning, they were going to go after Russel Wilson.

Denver Broncos News:

Peyton Manning: The Cloak and Dagger Free Agent

Before Brady left New England, Peyton Manning’s NFL free agency was one of the most talked about in decades. The quarterback’s choice was shrouded in secrecy, and marked by process that included head coaches wearing disguises, decoy SUVs, and tracking a private jet. Peter King tells SI ‘s Jessica Smetana about some of the best stories from Peyton Manning’s free agency in 2012, and how Manning to the Broncos came to be.

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Other NFL News:

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