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The Broncos will be ready when camp opens up

Ryan and Ben discussed the offseason workouts with Matt Boyer of Broncos TV on Broncos Country Tonight

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With all the challenges in the world, finding a way to stay in shape and be ready for training camp might be pretty low on most of our lists. However, the Denver Broncos will be doing just that as we inch closer to getting back to sports in general.

Matt Boyer of Broncos TV joined Ryan and Ben on Broncos Country Tonight. They discussed Boyer’s interview with Broncos head strength and conditioning coach Loren Landow, and what the players are doing to stay prepared while practicing social distancing.

Landow made shopping lists for the players, telling them what equipment to buy so they could get their work in without being at a facility. As Ben said during the interview, it will actually separate the players. It will be interesting to see which guys put in the real work compared to the guys who show up with the quarantine bodies.

We have already seen players around the league starting to get some work in together. Reports that Drew Lock has been throwing a football (not sure who he is throwing to) give us all a glimmer of hope that the NFL will be returning. Knowing that Landow and his staff have created training regimens for the team means no player will be able to make excuses if they are not ready when the time comes to hit the practice field.

While it could take some time for the Broncos to get their bearings on the field, they should have no problem with the conditioning aspect when they do get back to some live practices. Landow has seemingly set the players up for success regarding strength and conditioning.

No doubt, other teams have likely created similar situations and programs for their players. However, it’s great to see the Broncos players are out there putting in the work. Just checkout A.J. Johnson bench pressing logs!