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Irish Broncos fan reacts to loss of 2020 London game

Colum Cronin of Ireland talked about the disappointment of not being able to see the Broncos in England this season. He also discussed how he became a fan. As they say in Ireland, it was great craic.

The excitement was genuine.

You could feel it across the Atlantic.

Fans in the United Kingdom and Europe would get the chance to see the Denver Broncos for the first time in a decade. Come early October, the Broncos would play the Atlanta Falcons in Tottenham.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and it just felt inevitable that wouldn’t happen.

The NFL made it official on Monday when it announced all games in 2020 will be played in the U.S. So the delay is extended for Broncos Country in Europe to watch their favorite team.

On the MHR Radio Podcast, Adam Malnati and I wanted to get the reaction to that news from a Broncos fan who lives in the area. We were fortunate to chat with Colum Cronin, who lives in Ireland and helps run Broncos Europe.

Colum also talked about how he became a Broncos fan (some quarterback named John Elway), how he watches Denver’s games given the time difference, and what he thinks about the 2020 Broncos.

As they say Ireland, it was great “craic” (fun) and fans will enjoy Colum’s perspective.

Adam and I also pay tribute to the iconic Don Shula and preview Denver’s schedule, which will get released on Thursday.