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Should Broncos Country pump the brakes on Drew Lock?

Ryan and Ben discuss Lock’s hype with George Chahrouri of PFF.

In the world of the NFL the news cycle can kick out some crazy stories. Broncos Country is currently swept up in a bit of a Drew Lock cycle. With Colin Cowherd touting Lock as a potential MVP candidate, and Jeff Legwold “drafting” him with the Broncos first pick in the ESPN re-draft of all NFL players, fans find themselves equally excited and confused about the hype.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Pro Football Focus’s George Chahrouri joined Ryan and Ben. They talked about the growing expectations for Lock, and whether or not they were warranted.

Chahrouri brought up a name that not many Bronco fans would consider a comparison. Dwayne Haskins, according to Chahrouri, is a better prospect. Based on where NFL teams evaluated the two QBs, and the stats, he says Haskins is a better QB than Lock. When you start to look at the stats, an argument could be made to support this statement.

Haskins threw fewer interceptable balls, but had more interceptions, which points to Lock having better luck on the field, and not necessarily better talent. While Lock also ended up with a better win percentage, some mediocre QBs have great win-loss records. That doesn’t make them better QBs. It just means they play for a better overall team.

What we all want in Broncos Country is for Lock to live up to all the hype. The Drew Train left the station, and it has collected some excellent passengers along the way. With weapons golare in Courtland Sutton, Jerry Jeudy, Noah Fant, Phillip Lindsay, Melvin Gordon, etc. Lock could certainly find a ton of success.

He could also struggle. Remember, he is only headed into year two. He has had to learn a new playbook, but not been able to work with teammates. His sample size from year one is small, and could be an aberration.

So, pumping the brakes might be in order, but let’s not jam on them like we are about to hit a deer doing 95 MPH on the highway. Lock has all the intangibles. He seems to get it, and also seems to have it.

If his talent can match even half the amount of hype he is getting, the Broncos will have an excellent 2020.