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The one play every NFL team would like back

If there one play through all of Denver Broncos history you’d like back to change the course of events in that game?

One of our most illustrious YouTube creators for the Denver Broncos, Brandon Perna, when into offseason mode looking at all 32 NFL team histories finding that one play that each team would love to have back.

In Part 1, the AFC West was hit and for Denver it was an all-to-familiar disaster in Broncos history where Hall of Fame running back Terrell Davis had his career cut short just a few games into the 1999 season. Coming of a 2,000 yard rushing season and another Super Bowl championship, TD suffered a knee injury that he would never recover from.

Imagine what kind of career he may have had if that play never happened. Instead of waiting nearly two decades to get the Hall of Fame nod he probably would have been a first ballot talent. It all worked out in the end, but there will always be a ‘what if’ with his career.

One team that seems to keep coming up in these videos is the New England Patriots, but one game the Broncos cropped back up in for Part 2 is the Cleveland Browns and a historic fumble.

If the injury to TD is the one play we’d all like back, what would a Top 5 plays we’d all like back look like for the Denver Broncos? Here’s my list:

  1. No TD injury in ‘99.
  2. Rahim Moore takes a better angle in ‘12 playoffs.
  3. Michael Dean Perry gets off the field in ‘96 playoffs.
  4. David Treadwell makes a damn field goal in ‘91 playoffs.
  5. The first snap from Super Bowl 48.

For that last one, I know the Broncos got blown out, but maybe the game is a bit different if the Seattle Seahawks didn’t smell blood in the water from the very start.