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McTelvin Agim feels like he’s ‘making great strides’ so far this offeason

The Arkansas Razorback joined Broncos Country Tonight to talk about how the virtual offseason went.

Broncos rookie defensive lineman McTelvin Agim joined Ryan Edwards and Benjamin Allbright on Broncos Country Tonight to discuss how the offseason program went. The Broncos concluded their virtual OTAs last week, and now the players have a bit of a break before training camp is scheduled to start in July (circumstances permitting).

Agim said things went really well for him during the virtual OTAs. “I feel like it went pretty good for me. I got the defense down, I feel like I’m making great strides,” Agim said.

Now that he has the fundamentals of the scheme down, he said it’s now giving him the opportunity to hone in on specific things like offensive tendencies or what kind of blocks he’ll get on certain runs.

Being able to take the study to the next level and dial in his development as a rookie is going to be key because Agim talked about one of the biggest things that is different at the NFL level from college is just the breadth of all the things you are asked to do, depending on the formation, the offensive personnel, and the playcall.

However, that is one area where the rookie feels like he can excel and really shine for the team, is his versatility. He speaks to his experience at Arkansas playing in multiple schemes, as well as every position on the defensive line. He previously played defensive end at Arkansas before being moved inside full-time later in his college career.

We talked last week in our defensive line deep dives how that is one of the biggest things Fangio looks for in his defensive linemen - versatility and being able to play everywhere.

Agim says the Broncos will play him all the way “from the 6 to the 0” technique, which is any of the defensive line spots.

“I definitely like to play all the positions because I played them all in college. Even my junior and senior year I had to play multiple positions, so it’s nothing that’s new to me. I feel like that was something I had over a lot of guys coming out this year is that I had played and had experience in multiple defenses and multiple schemes and I played them pretty well, so I feel like I can have some success doing it at the next level.”

He also talked about working with the defensive line room and learning from all the guys in there right now. He said he hit up Von yesterday to see if he could attend the upcoming pass rush summit that Miller puts on every year. Additionally, he said he is going to try and link up with both Von and Bradley Chubb in Dallas coming up in July for them to workout together.

It’s great to see the young guy already latching on and wanting to learn from the best. He said one of the things that Bradley Chubb told him from the beginning is to just ‘make sure you come ready to work’. Agim said that’s kind of the unofficial theme of the defensive line. Come ready to work and whether you’re a top draft pick or undrafted, don’t think you’re too big or too small to put in the work and have an impact.

As a team captain and SEC Academic honor roll student at Arkansas, Agim fits the mold of an Elway draft pick, and fits the mold of a Vic Fangio defensive lineman with his versatility and ability to play anywhere on the line.

I’m excited to see what the former Razorback can do for the Broncos this year.